Watch DISH Anywhere on Amazon’s Fire TV

How to activate DISH Anywhere on your Fire TV or Fire Stick

People today rely on mobile devices more than ever to deliver instant access to infinite resources – including TV. So to a smartphone-obsessed generation, it may come as a surprise that the vast majority of TV viewing still takes place in front of a TV.

Now, don’t get us wrong – using a phone or tablet to binge watch “Big Bang Theory” when delayed at the airport definitely has its advantages. But when given the choice between mobile vs. TV viewing, most of us will opt for the latter. It seems we all know there’s nothing quite like lounging on a living room sofa, watching our favorite shows on the big screen.

With this insight in mind, we asked ourselves: What if you could take your 10-foot viewing experience on the road? (Translation: “10 foot” refers to how people watch TV at home – on the couch roughly 10 feet away from the TV screen.)

Fire TV, meet DISH Anywhere. You can now watch all the TV you get from DISH, on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The introduction of the DISH Anywhere app on Fire TV brings new flexibility to folks looking to access the same high-quality, 10-foot entertainment experience enjoyed in home, while on the go.

If DISH Anywhere sounds familiar, then you’ve been paying attention. Since 2013, DISH has offered the app on phones and tablets. It’s given our Hopper customers the ability to watch 100 percent of their live and recorded content from a mobile device, virtually anywhere. With Fire TV, the same principle applies, only on much bigger screens.

What you need to activate DISH Anywhere on Fire TV

  • An internet-connected Hopper 2 or Hopper 3, or a first-generation Hopper connected to a Sling Adapter DVR
  • Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick
  • A DISH authentication code
  • That’s it

Here’s how to activate DISH Anywhere on Fire TV

  1. Download and install the DISH Anywhere app on your Fire TV box or Fire Stick from your Fire TV home screen
  2. Open the app
  3. Navigate to in a browser on your phone, tablet or desktop
  4. Log in using your DISH account
  5. Enter the Activation Code you see on your TV screen

When you log in to DISH Anywhere on your computer or mobile device, your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick will automatically prompt you to enter your activation code. Then watch whatever programming you like with DISH Anywhere—whether it’s live TV or on demand.