RECAP: DISH news conference at CES 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… at least for tech geeks like us. With 2016 now in full swing, we’re geared up in Las Vegas for CES.

Similar to years before, we kicked off our week at CES with DISH’s annual news conference. On stage at the Mandalay Bay, our Chief Technology Officer Vivek Khemka unveiled the exciting things in tech that we’ll be rolling out this year.

If you missed Vivek’s remarks, we’ve got you covered. Check out the below recap of DISH’s biggest announcements from our CES 2016 news conference this afternoon.

The most advanced DVR in the world:
As fast as it is powerful, our upcoming HOPPER 3™ is a DVR designed to transform TV by creating a conflict-free experience. Vivek had so much to say about our feature-loaded HOPPER 3™, we’ve consolidated the highlights below. To read HOPPER 3™’s lengthier news release, click here.

· Whole-home DVR: HOPPER 3™ operates as the heart of the whole-home DVR experience with the capacity to support up to six Joeys simultaneously. This means that one HOPPER 3 can power a total of seven TVs at the same time – connected over MoCA, Ethernet or wireless.
· Tuners: Get ready to record as much as you want, without running into recording conflicts! HOPPER 3™ comes equipped with enough tuners to let you and your household record up to 16 shows at once. This blows away what’s currently considered to be “state of the art” in the DVR market – which, at maximum, only lets you record four or five shows simultaneously.
· 4K video: HOPPER 3™ is what we like to call “future proofed,” so of course it can decode and output 4K video. Plus, DISH has a new partnership with Sony that will deliver some great 4K movie titles. And don’t forget that you’ll also be able to watch all of Netflix’s 4K titles on the HOPPER 3™.
· Sports Bar Mode: While the HOPPER 3™ can decode 4K video, it is also able to decode four 1080 HD streams simultaneously and display them in real time on one screen. Never before seen on a DVR, we call this feature 4K multi-channel view, or “Sports Bar Mode.” It’s a great feature for the sports fans out there who want to watch, pause and play four games of their choosing on a single screen.
· Apps: Our Hopper DVRs support the most popular OTT video apps in the market, including Netflix and Vevo. Now, we’re announcing that YouTube will be the latest app to join the mix on HOPPER 3™. Access your favorite TV shows and movies from one input and one remote control.
· Speed: HOPPER 3™ is powered by a Broadcom 7445 chipset. This is a quad-core Arm processor, running at 1.5 GHz, 21k DMIPS. To put that into perspective, HOPPER 3™ is seven times more powerful than DIRECTV’s newest Genie, and two times more powerful than the TiVo Bolt.
· Storage: With two TB of internal storage, HOPPER 3™ has the largest capacity hard drive over any pay-TV competitor DVR. This allows customers to store up to 500 hours of HD video.

Universal search and discovery with DISH + Netflix:
Today, DISH also upped its search game. While on stage, Vivek shared plans to soon integrate Netflix titles into search results on our Hopper. This means that you will soon be able to use universal search to instantly look for the TV show or movie you want to watch across both DISH (live, recorded and on-demand) and Netflix.

But our integration with Netflix runs even deeper than search. Netflix titles will also be populated in DISH’s episode lists to make it easier for you to find current and past seasons of TV shows. Vivek reminded the audience that DISH and Netflix deliver a wide variety of complementary programming – Netflix brings a huge selection of TV series past seasons, while DISH typically offers a series’ most current episodes either live or on-demand. Seeing all available seasons side-by-side, from both DISH and Netflix, will help you binge watch like a pro. To learn more, click here.

A big idea in a tiny package:
Since 2013, DISH has offered an on-the-go feature called Hopper Transfers that gives users the ability to transfer video from their DVR to a smartphone or tablet for offline viewing. The biggest pain point of this feature is that there is typically a limited amount of space on mobile devices, so customers were not able to transfer more than a couple of shows or movies.

With this insight in mind, today Vivek announced that DISH is launching a new way to watch DVR recordings on the go without an Internet connection. Introducing HopperGO – a 64GB secure storage device that holds up to 100 hours of DVR recordings. With a four-hour battery life, HopperGO also creates its own a private wireless cloud that can support simultaneous playback of as many as five separate shows via the DISH Anywhere app. To learn more, click here.

We’ll be at CES all week. So if you’d like to keep up with DISH’s CES activities – photos, updates, executive panel discussions, etc. – make sure you follow @DISHNews!