COMING SOON: No more recording conflicts with DISH’s HOPPER 3™

While we all have must-see shows that we refuse to miss live, many of us rely on our DVRs to watch TV to fit our busy schedules. And let’s face it, we all hate that moment when your DVR forces you to choose between the shows you want to record because of “conflicts.” In other words, the limited technological capabilities of your DVR means you can only record a few shows at once.

We’re here to tell you this is so 2015.

Introducing DISH’s HOPPER 3™! Available in the coming weeks to new and existing customers, HOPPER 3™ makes it easy for you and your family to record all the shows you love without ever running into the hassle of conflicts. And how will this work? HOPPER 3™ gives you the ability to record up to 16 TV shows and movies at once.

Now, if you’re like us, you may not even be able to think of 16 shows that you like to watch. We get it. Sixteen is a big number. But when we created the HOPPER 3™, our goal was to deliver a DVR with a conflict-free recording capacity, so you just don’t have to worry about what you can or cannot record. Ever.

HOPPER 3™ is an incredibly powerful DVR, and its huge simultaneous recording capacity is only one of its many great features (hint: 4K ready, a YouTube app and Sports Bar Mode, to name a few). Learn more by clicking here, and stay up to date on the latest news from DISH by following @DISHNews.