Netflix arrives on Hopper Duo

Earlier this year, we launched Hopper Duo, our newest DVR designed to deliver a tailored, modern TV experience for households with one or two TVs. Now, we’re expanding Hopper Duo’s capabilities by integrating Netflix.

With Netflix on Hopper Duo, you can now catch up on award-winning Netflix originals like The Crown, Bright and Stranger Things within one seamless interface without switching inputs or adding different cords. Stay comfy on the couch while simply launching the Netflix service straight from Hopper Duo.

To access Netflix from your Hopper Duo, press the “Home” button on the remote and select the Netflix icon, or tune to channel 370 in the DISH programming guide. A subscription to Netflix is required to watch Netflix content.

For more information on additional Hopper Duo features, check out our website or product launch news release.