A 5 in 1 Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

Mother's Day Gifts 2017

Why DISH Is Your Best Bet For Mother’s Day

Mama needs entertainment

Husbands and sons, daughters and friends, admirers and well wishers, listen. For Mother’s Day, give the moms in your life the gift of DISH.

You can present mom with DISH in lots of creative ways. You can take her outside, point to the sky, and say, “I’m giving you satellite television.” You can wrap the TV up, and when she unwraps it, you can say, “You’re getting DISH for Mother’s Day.” We do installations on Sundays, too, so you can call now and schedule an appointment. When the doorbell rings, you can tell her that her present has arrived. She will be very surprised. Or—easiest option—you can give her the card we made for the occasion. Just click it and print it.

However you present it, we can tell you this. Mom is guaranteed to love the gift of DISH. Here’s why.

Because she likes to be taken care of

At installation time, mom can put her feet up, fix herself a drink, and tell the tech what she likes to watch. We’ll help her create a Favorites List, a guide filter that shows her what’s on only on her favorite channels. Then, we’ll set up the DVR to record her favorite shows automatically. In other words, giving mom DISH means giving her exactly what she wants from TV, forever.

We won’t leave until mom knows the ins and outs of DISH hardware. We’ll set up the remote with her so she knows just what buttons to push, and in what order. We’ll even set it up so that she can watch TV and listen on Bluetooth headphones, like when dad falls asleep in the recliner. And we’ll set up DISH Anywhere on her mobile devices so she can watch what she wants to watch where she wants to watch it, whether she’s out on the porch in the sun or out on the town getting her hair done.

We’ll customize every feature we can, right down to the weather. We’ll set up her integrated Weather app to show her what the weather’s like anywhere she wants, whether her ZIP code, or yours, or Miami Beach. if she likes to keep close tabs on the weather. (Don’t all moms?)

Everything just the way mom wants it.

Because she loves you and she wants to know what you’re talking about

 YouTube comes integrated with Hopper 3, and we’ll show mom how to pull up the video you’ve been watching and sharing. The one with the kid who trips on his ninja costume mid karate move and falls on his face. Or the one where the camel sneezes violently on the unsuspecting dragonfly. You know, YouTubes.

 We can also set it up so that when you call her to tell her about YouTubes (or for any reason), her TV will show your number on the screen. We just integrate her landline with the Caller ID function on the Hopper 3 and she’ll get notifications.

Mom would never skip your phone call, but she might want to skip commercials. She’ll love AutoHop, the Hopper feature that lets her watch primetime television without the ads. With the Hopper, she can easily record prime time TV on the major networks, so she can watch at her convenience. Only the best for mom.

Because she likes things just so

Mom takes care of stuff every day, all year long. This Mother’s Day, we’ll take care of her and her home. We’ll install the satellite TV hookup, sure. And we can also install a TV—we can install it on a stand or even mount it on the wall—if you choose to add installation service.  We’ll arrange it so all the wires are hidden and the TV setup looks nice. If you’re looking for an extra mile to go, this is it.

If mom wants to set up a wireless Internet network or even buy that pair of Bluetooth headphones ($99.99), you can add those to the standard installation, too. It’s all part of our Smart Home Services. Click for pricing and details.

Because she’s got things to do

Even though DISH installation covers all this—apps, remotes, landlines, Bluetooth, and, oh yeah, hooking up satellite television—it’s logical and straightforward.

We give mom a 75-minute arrival window, and she can track her tech. When we get there, it’s not a race. The whole idea is to set up the hardware, and then show her how easily and delightfully DISH fits into her life. In short, she gets a whole boatload of info and entertainment, customized to her wants and needs.

What could be better on Mother’s Day? Sign mom up for one of our top packages now.