Introducing Hopper Duo: The newest member of the Hopper family

DISH customers, meet Hopper Duo: our newest HD DVR that delivers DISH television service to up to two TVs. It’s the perfect solution for those of us with smaller-scale home entertainment setups.

The Hopper Duo Smart DVR is built with two tuners, which means you can watch or record two programs simultaneously, and its 500 GB hard drive lets you store up to 125 hours of HD DVR recordings. That’s a lot of episodes of “Big Bang Theory.”

 Its modern Hopper user interface comes equipped with HD graphics and easy content discovery. Plus, this feature-rich DVR includes Amazon Alexa compatibility, our new voice remote and Remote Finder, making it easier for you locate the shows you love and the remote that always seems to disappear. Additionally, you’ll never have to switch inputs in the process of searching for programs — Hopper Duo has built-in smart TV apps likes Game Finder, Pandora, and Video On Demand, with Netflix coming soon.

Qualified new and existing customers can receive Hopper Duo for $10 per month, with an additional $7 per month for an added Joey.

For more information on Hopper Duo, check out our website, read our news release or follow @DISHNews.