Halloween Costume Ideas from This Season’s Top TV Shows

Halloween is just around the corner. What will you wear to celebrate this year’s spooky festivities? Drawing inspiration from this season’s hot TV shows, we’ve compiled a list of Halloween costumes that will knock your friends’ socks off.

1. Ichabod Crane – Sleepy Hollow (Fox)


Throw on a pair of tall black boots, a button-up shirt, a long black trench coat, and you’ll be ready to fend off the forces of evil. Don’t forget to pop that collar. And special points to anyone who grows a beard or pencils one in with brown eyeliner. (Photo source: Fox)

2. Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory (CBS)


The key to this costume is the vintage t-shirt sporting a superhero graphic. Wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath, throw on a pair of khakis and a watch, and brush your hair to the side for the finishing touch. Pro tip: the less your outfit matches, the better. (Photo source: CBS)

3. Jess Day – New Girl (Fox)


Wear a bright vintage-inspired dress, cardigan (if it’s chilly) and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses to recreate Jess’ cute and quirky style. Add a wig to complete the look with the New Girl’s signature bangs. No doubt, you’ll be the “adorkable” life of the party. (Photo source: Fox)

4. Jake Peralta – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

Pull pranks and make jokes all night as Detective Jake. All you need for this costume is a button-up shirt, jeans, leather jacket and a police badge to wear around your neck. (Photo source: Fox)

5. Max Black and Caroline Wesbox Channing – 2 Broke Girls (CBS)

Take a Halloween selfie with your best friend dressed as Max and Caroline in their Williamsburg Diner uniforms. Complete your costumes with an overabundance of jewelry, names tags and bold lipstick. (Photo source: CBS)

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