DISH takes new voice remote to the next level

As technology advances, one thing remains the same: people want easy-to-use gadgets and simple user experiences. So, it’s no surprise that voice control technology is becoming increasingly popular among consumers – including TV lovers.

In July 2016, DISH first incorporated voice technology into one of our remote controls eliminating the need to remember channel numbers and navigate complicated menu options. This move gave our customers the ability to change channels, find movies, access Hopper 3 features and record shows by simply pressing a button and speaking into their remote.

Today, we’re upping our game by introducing a brand-new voice remote included at no extra cost with all Hopper DVRs. Not only does it interpret natural language to search content and control basic TV functions, but it’s also been upgraded with motion-activated backlighting and two customizable buttons.

Motion-activated Backlighting

How many times have you been watching TV in the dark, fumbling around for the correct button? Probably too many to count. With the new DISH remote, simply move the remote to trigger the motion-sensing technology that illuminates the buttons for easy nighttime use.

Customizable Buttons

DISH included two customizable buttons on the new remote that you can program to create shortcuts to frequently-used functions, such as launching Netflix, setting parental controls or recording a show.

How to program customizable buttons:
  1. After turning on your Hopper set-top box, click one of the two customizable buttons located near the bottom of the remote, marked with a Diamond and a Double Diamond.
  2. A menu will appear on the right side of the screen with a list of 12 shortcuts to choose from.
  3. Scroll and select your desired shortcut using the remote. Once set, the customizable buttons will control the selected function each time it is pressed.
  4. To reprogram, hold the customizable button down for two seconds, and the pop-up menu will appear.

DISH’s new voice remote will ship at no cost with all Hoppers, and is compatible with Joey, Wireless Joey, 4K Joey and Super Joey clients. Existing DISH customers can upgrade to the new remote for $20.

For more information visit our website here, read our news release or follow @DISHNews.