DISH knocks it out of the park with MLB Extra Innings free preview

While the Houston Astros celebrated their World Series win last fall, fans across the country began counting down to the best day of the year in baseball—Opening Day. Opening Day is a treasured American tradition, and for the first time since 1968, all 30 MLB teams will start the season on the same day, March 29.

To make sure you don’t miss out on your team’s first game, DISH is offering all customers MLB Extra Innings at no additional cost tomorrow through April 5 on Hopper channel 476 or channels 541-565.

MLB Extra Innings, MLB’s out-of-market package, features up to 100 games per week of teams from across the country. This means that you can watch your favorite teams, players or match-ups from outside of your local viewing area. So, if you’re a Boston Red Sox fan in LA, or a Chicago Cubs fan in Miami, you’ll be able to watch any game from home.

If you have a hard time parting ways with MLB Extra Innings come April 5, don’t worry. You can purchase the full season package for $175.

For more information, visit our website about DISH’s free preview channels.