Amazon Alexa voice control arrives on Hopper DVR

Enjoy your favorite TV shows with the Hopper 3 & Amazon Alexa

As voice control technology is adopted by more households every day, there’s no doubt that it’s increasingly changing the way we interact with our environment. Instead of using our hands, we’re asking assistants like Alexa to turn on the lights, shop and listen to music. And now for the first time, we’re ready to ask the world’s leading voice control assistant to control our TV.

Today, DISH and Amazon are bringing hands-free TV to your home. Simply pair your Hopper or Wally with an Alexa-enabled Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap to control your DISH TV programming using only your voice.

This means you won’t have to put down your soda and popcorn to rewind critical movie scenes, and there’s no need to panic if the kids lose the remote right before “Fixer Upper” is about to start. Just talk to your TV – DISH and Alexa have you covered.

How to use Alexa on DISH

Use Alexa to navigate, play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search content based on channel, title, actor, genre or sports team. When you search, Alexa will look for programs across all of DISH’s live, recorded and on-demand titles, as well as Netflix’s selection of TV shows and movies. Simply ask Alexa to do things like:

·        “Alexa, change channel to ESPN”

·        “Alexa, tune to channel 130”

·        “Alexa, go to the History Channel”

·        “Alexa, find the Big Bang Theory”

·        “Alexa, search for the Denver Broncos”

·        “Alexa, show me Tom Hanks movies”

·        “Alexa, search for comedies”

·        “Alexa, play This is Us”

·        “Alexa, skip forward”

·        “Alexa, rewind 30 seconds”

·        “Alexa, pause”

·        “Alexa, resume”

How to set-up Alexa on DISH

Can’t wait to get started with Alexa on DISH? Here’s how you can set up Alexa on your Hopper or Wally today:

  1. Enable DISH TV in the Alexa app: Open the Alexa app on a mobile device and select Music, TV & Books > DISH TV > Enable.
  2. Get receiver code: Turn on internet-connected Hopper or Wally, and go to: Menu > Settings > Amazon Alexa > Get Code. Enter the generated code into the Alexa app and select Activate. Click Done in the confirmation message.
  3. Pair Hopper or Wally with Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap: In the Alexa app, select desired Hopper or Wally receiver from list of discoverable devices. Click Continue. Select Amazon device to be synced with chosen receiver. Click Link Devices.

To learn more about how to use Alexa on our Hopper and Wally, check out our Amazon Alexa and DISH Integration page or our Amazon Alexa Setup page.