Access everything The Google Assistant has to offer, directly from DISH’s Hopper and voice remote

DISH is committed to offering customers the newest and best ways to use voice-control technology. That’s why, starting today, DISH is rolling out an update to its Hopper family receivers that gives you access to all that the Google Assistant has to offer, directly from your DISH voice remote.

On top of being able to control your TV with the DISH voice remote, you can now use the Assistant to control smart home devices, receive weather updates, view your Google Photos and more. Additionally, when you ask the Assistant questions, you can see answers and images displayed on your TV. For example, ask the Assistant about the weather, and the forecast will appear visually on the screen.

New Google-branded voice remote

Along with this update, DISH introduced a new Google-branded voice remote. With a Google-branded voice button, you can easily speak commands into the remote to activate the Assistant. Good news for customers who use DISH’s existing voice remote – it provides access to the Assistant too!











Using the Google Assistant on Hopper family receivers

With the Google Assistant on Hopper receivers, you can ask general questions, like weather forecasts and game scores. You can also control your DISH TV experience, including navigation, search and channel selection; manage your smart home devices, such as dimming the lights or adjusting the thermostat; and relive your favorite memories from Google Photos.

Below are examples of spoken commands you can ask the Assistant:


·       “Change the channel to ESPN”

·       “Show me comedies”

·       “On Demand”

·       “Search for funny cat videos on YouTube”

·       “Launch Netflix”

·       “Tom Hanks movies”

·       “Will I need an umbrella today?”

·       “What’s the score of the baseball game”

·       “Show me my photos in Hawaii”

·       “Dim the living room lights”

·       “What’s on my agenda today?”

·       “Lock the front door”


Customers with a DISH voice remote and broadband-connected Hopper (all generations), Joey (all models) or Wally can access the Google Assistant once they receive the software update. New and existing DISH customers without a voice remote may be eligible for a free Google-branded voice remote. Check if you qualify here:

To learn more about the new Google Assistant integration with DISH, read the press release or check out our website here:

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