Summer Blowout Playlist

Summer Country Music on DISH

One Fine Music Monday

You know what the perfect summer sounds like? It sounds like meat sizzling on a grill and the thud of bean bags on a cornhole board. And it sounds like country music. Country is the official genre of barbecues, pool parties, and cold beer. No other kind of music is as relaxed and down to earth.

That’s why we love it. True story. DISH is a TV provider, and we love TV. But with 70+ SiriusXM satellite radio stations, cable music channels, and our own decade-dedicated music stations included with every package, plus Pandora, YouTube, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio integrated with the Hopper 3, DISH can provide plenty of music too. All we’re saying is, if you like music from the past 50 or 60 years—any music—you can probably find it on DISH.

We even have our own DISH Music app that complements the Hopper-integrated apps. DISH Music lets you stream your tunes from your smartphone or tablet to any DISH connected TV or Play-Fi connected speaker in your house. Play songs from your music library or from applicable streaming services. Then start the party.

And get started quick. The summer will be over in a few short weeks. The days will grow short. It will be too cool to swim. There won’t be time for games. So make the most of it. We’ll supply the entertainment.

Here, for your final summer blow-out, the best country songs you can play right now. Here are a few videos to start the party. Our full playlist is here.

Body Like a Back Road

Do I Make You Wanna

The Fighter

We Should Be Friends

God, Your Mama, and Me

Good Company

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