Massive Movie Plot Holes and How We'd Fix Them

Have you ever had to pinch yourself while watching a movie? No, not out of amazement at incredible cinematography or brilliant storytelling, but when there’s a gaping hole in the plot. Movie plot holes make for great conversational topics, especially when they occur in films that are, by all accounts, otherwise brilliant. Take a look at these classic examples of massive movie plot holes and how we would fix them:

Self-awareness … from a toy

As Business Insider has pointed out, something was awry in the classic Pixar movie Toy Story. This tale of the unlikely friendship between a plastic cowboy and a space ranger doll is based on the premise that Buzz Lightyear isn’t aware that he himself is a toy. If that’s the case, though, then how does he know to freeze instinctively when humans are around? In order to fix this one, Buzz could have just asked Andy how to get back to his galaxy early in the film. It would have cut the movie short, but it would have tied up that loose end nicely.

Were they duds?

If you ask most James Bond aficionados, they’ll tell you quite readily that Die Another Day was far from the best film in the classic secret-agent franchise. Nonetheless, one plot hole seems to stand out above all others. Entering the waterfall complex, Bond has to use a hovercraft to avoid the land mines buried under the road. There’s only one way in but, as Movie Mistakes has pointed out, trucks go down that road shortly thereafter to capture the British rogue. Were the mines duds? Did the writers just miss this? In true Bond fashion, it would have been perfect to reveal at the end that he had used some Q-inspired gadget to defuse them remotely.

Point shaving?

The final game between the Monstars and the Toon Squad in Space Jam is one of the strangest sporting events ever portrayed. As several sources have pointed out, the scoreboard reads 77-67 in the Monstars’ favor with 10 seconds left. Shortly thereafter, though, when Bill Murray comes out to play, the time still reads 10 seconds but the score has changed to a heated 77-76. Let’s be honest, though. We wouldn’t change a thing about Space Jam.