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4th of July Movies on DISH

July 4 Double Features

There is no American tradition more exciting—or, well, American—than watching fireworks flash across the night sky and on the Fourth of July. This is how you know it is truly summer.

Nothing can really compete with a huge fireworks display. So please, this Fourth of July weekend, see some fireworks if you can. But! The fireworks last a night. The weekend is long. You’re going to need movies. Well, good news. We have the perfect movies for you.

Since it’s summer, and since the Fourth of July is about going big, we suggest a double feature. Here are some July 4 movie pairs that are worthy of a long, hot weekend that’s also full of fireworks.

You can watch all of these on DISH Anywhere (as long as the channels they’re on are part of your package). You can watch them in the pool, you can watch them where it’s cool. You can watch them in the car, you can watch them near and far—on any computer or mobile device. And if it’s on Netflix, you can watch on your TV with the Hopper 3 DVR.

Captain America: The First Avenger + Independence Day: Resurgence

Your Fourth of July sci-fi fix. See how Steve Rogers goes from military reject to the supersoldier known as Captain America—and meets his archenemy the Red Skull. Then settle in for Independence Day: Resurgence. The survivors of the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day are confronted with yet another attempted takeover of the Earth.

Live Free or Die Hard + National Treasure

If it’s action and adventure you crave, these are your movies. In the fourth and final Die Hard movie, Bruce Willis follows the cyberclues to unravel a plot to hack military and corporate computer networks and bring the U.S.A. to its knees. Then, in the treasure hunting thriller National Treasure, Nicholas Cage traces clues left by America’s founders to discover what they’ve left us. Spoiler alert: no, it’s not *just* the republic.

Glory + John Adams

Get your fill of historical drama. In Glory, an all-star cast tells the story of the Union Army’s first black regiment as they trained and fought in 1863. Then go all the way back to the Revolutionary era in the John Adams miniseries. Based on the acclaimed Adams biography by David McCullough, the miniseries traces Adams’s life from the Revolution through his vice presidency under Washington, his own presidency, and later years.

All The President’s Men + A Few Good Men

Somewhere in these two movies are quotes that echo everywhere in American culture. “These are not very bright guys” and “You can’t handle the truth.” Which quote is in which movie? Watch and find out.

Get Me Roger Stone + Election

Great and glorious though democracy is, it can be twisted and manipulated by savvy tacticians … and boneheads. Sometimes they’re the same people! See the new Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone and marvel at old Roger’s five decades of malfeasance—and his Richard Nixon back tattoo. Yes, his Richard Nixon back tattoo. Then watch dirty tricks turn a high school election into a scorched-earth campaign in Election.

Here, in nine movies and a miniseries, is the essence of America. Revolutionaries, statesmen, treasure hunters, aliens, superheroes, saboteurs, and high school students. Take your pick, or watch them all. And have a great holiday.