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Search DISH, and you’ll never get the wrong result

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony lived up to its promise to be the most extravagant possible celebration of the best films of 2016. Candy parachuted down from the ceiling. Ryan Gosling whispered something mysterious to a woman who wandered into the theater off a tour bus. At the end, mass confusion engulfed the Best Picture award.

That was weird! Congratulations to the confirmed winner Moonlight! We sympathize with the presenters who had the misfortune to read the wrong card and accidentally deliver the Best Picture award to La La Land. Who among us hasn’t stood in front of a billion people and intervened incorrectly in the course of history?

Well! It so happens that we have a way to prevent you from ever sitting in front of the wrong movie: an extremely reliable search function. You can just type in the title of a movie using your DISH remote, and then boom, there it is. And let us be clear. If you search for one movie, you will never, ever be interrupted unexpectedly by another one. That’s just basic decency.

There is more to it, though. The Hopper 3 search feature gives you a powerful way to discover all kinds of programming. Not only can you search by the title of a show or movie—you can also search our database by name or general keyword. If you have a Netflix account, Netflix results will be included. So forget individual movies for a minute. You can search by directors’ names and find the movies they’ve directed along with other movies they have credits on. If a movie is available, you can watch it. If not, you can program the Hopper 3 to record it whenever it does become available, even if it takes years. Even. If. It. Takes. Years.

So leave the Best Picture craziness aside. Search for the nominees for Best Director.

In that category, Damien Chazelle won (no doubt here) for La La Land. But do you know what other movies he’s made? Do you know what other movies Moonlight’s director Barry Jenkins has made? Start here. Then find out more using your Hopper 3.

Kenneth Longernan, Manchester by the Sea

Before Manchester by the Sea, Longernan racked up writing credits on a number of films, including the 2002 Martin Scorsese epic Gangs of New York. This is the one where 1860s toughs, crooks, grifters, and firefighting companies battle it out on the Bowery for every inch of territory and every last ill-gotten penny.

Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge

The Best Director nominee with perhaps the highest profile, Mel Gibson has long been drawn to stories of extreme circumstances and characters who try to master them. Leave it to him to turn the story of a late thirteenth century squabble between noble families into a moving epic.

Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins has made just one other film—a testament to his ingenuity and movie-making talent. That film, Medicine for Melancholy, tells the story of two people who try to figure out how to relate to each other, very early in their relationship. The setting is present day San Francisco, and the social divisions there play a big part in the plot. Medicine for Melancholy is a classic of the indie genre, and you can find it now on Netflix.

Denis Villeneuve, Arrival

Arrival brings Denis Villeneuve his second Academy Award nomination. His first came in 2011 for Inciendes. Villeneuve has been working in French and English and has won plenty of accolades at international film festivals. Before Arrival, Villeneuve’s best known film was Sicario, the story of an FBI agent who is thrust into an investigation of a drug cartel. Compare it with the alien arrival plot of Arrival, and it’s clear Villeneuve is a master of many genres.

Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Damien Chazelle has been busy! Not only did he direct 2016’s La La Land, he was credited with writing 10 Cloverfield Lane, also released last year. In contrast with the bright and dreamy La La Land, 10 Cloverfield Lane is a sci-fi psychological thriller. After a bad car accident and spooky sightings, a woman wakes up in a bunker with two men who tell her the surface of the Earth has become uninhabitable. It’s like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt except full of actual horror. Clearly, Chazelle is a versatile moviemaker in many genres.

Chazelle may have taken home the Oscar last night, but all of these filmmakers are extraordinary talents. They’ve crafted many kinds of stories and worlds. With DISH, you have an easy, powerful way to discover them.