If you like your Valentine, you might also like…

Movies that go great together

It has come to our attention that love is in the air. Excellent! We hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day, and we hope we can make it even a little happier. After all, we are matchmakers.

It’s true! On Valentine’s Day, we all contemplate the delight and/or shock of being struck by one of those arrows from Cupid’s bow, and, just as importantly, we hang out and watch movies with our pals, romantic or otherwise. Whoever you’re watching movies with, you may ask yourself, “What should we put on?”

Well, good news. Your Hopper 3 DVR comes with a recommendation engine & advanced search functionality that allows you to search for things by title, actor, director, and more. Think of it as matchmaking for your viewing pleasure.

Today, we have a few recommendations of our own, just to get you started. According to all available science and data, these movies are perfect pairs.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall & I Love You, Man

The perfect pair of movies for dudes who tend to just have a rough time figuring out romance—or for anyone who finds amusement in the same. The conundrum in Forgetting Sarah Marshall is, as the title suggests, forgetting Sarah Marshall (played by Kristen Bell). This proves difficult for Jason Segel’s character Peter when, in an attempt to move past their five-year relationship, he travels to a Hawaiian resort. Instead of tranquility, he finds his ex on vacation with her new rockstar bf. Then, in I Love You, Man, Segel plays Paul Rudd’s prospective best man—who also may have designs on his fiancée. Rudd and Segel have honed the fine art of turning relationships into slapstick.

Spectre & Company Business

Two movies that are geared more toward international relations. In Spectre, James Bond discovers a chilling personal connection with the leader of MI6’s nemesis organization SPECTRE. In this, possibly the most expensive movie ever made, Bond must stop SPECTRE from launching a shadowy global surveillance network. In Company Business, a former CIA spy (Gene Hackman) and a captured KGB agent (Mikhail Baryshnikov) discover that they’ve been set up as pawns by their ex-employers as part of a swap deal. They have to join forces to escape mutual destruction. Romantic, right? Well, sort of.

The Graduate & Rushmore

Two movies about the traps and pitfalls of trying to pull off dating relationships with big age differentials. In The Graduate, a young, aimless Dustin Hoffman gets involved with an older woman—and then her daughter. Can you say “It’s Complicated”? Things aren’t exactly more straightforward in Rushmore. Jason Schwartzman plays Max, a precocious prep school student who falls hard for the first grade teacher (Olivia Williams). Unfortunately for all concerned, so does Herman (Bill Murray), whose sons also attend Max’s school. Tensions, and then threats, and then attempts at revenge all escalate rather quickly.

By The Sea & A Walk In The Clouds

Two romantic dramas about troubled marriages. Artist couple Vanessa and Roland (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) visit a French resort town in By The Sea and become entangled with a newlywed couple. In A Walk In The Clouds, a 1995 movie in the same genre, Keanu Reeves plays a WWII soldier returning home to a wife he realizes he doesn’t know very well. He soon finds himself posing as another woman’s husband. Hello, drama. Perfect for anyone who wants to spend Valentine’s Day scoffing at the whole idea of love.

Casablanca & Children of Men

This pair of movies is all about men who have trouble committing…to political causes. They’re disillusioned and disaffected, but neither Bogie in Casablanca nor Clive Owen in Children of Men can ignore major upheavals in world events. In Casablanca, the Moroccan city is a WWII crossroads for refugees, corrupt government officials, unscrupulous businessmen, and thieves. A favor here and there can mean the difference between life and death. The only problem is that nobody can be trusted past the minute you bribe them. Rick (Bogart), an American ex-patriot, runs the bar and illicit casino where everyone cuts deals, and he professes neutrality in all things. Until, of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Ilsa Lund (played by Ingrid Bergman) walks into his.

Similarly, Clive Owen patiently waits out the end of the world in Children of Men. He’s just trying to get by as repressive governments, refugees, terrorists, and activists battle it out for a seemingly doomed future. His neutrality as the world burns is tested when he’s kidnapped by his own ex-wife and enlisted in an effort to save humanity—or at least one member of it. If that doesn’t say Valentine’s Day to you, what could?

Whatever your romantic situation, DISH has the movies for you. And with Netflix integrated into the Hopper 3 and its search function, you’ll never need to spend time wondering what to watch. It’s all laid out for you, with nothing but your convenience in mind. If only romance were this easy.