Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie

And we can prove it


Last year, approximately 1,329,806 Americans watched Die Hard on Christmas Eve, more than The Santa Clause or Home Alone


Also last year, more people watched Die Hard on Christmas Eve than Love, Actually


In fact, Die Hard was the 10th most watched movie Christmas Eve last year

More hours of Die Hard were watched than Miracle on 34th Street and Home Alone combined


In all, some 2,432,300 people watched Die Hard on TV during the 2016 Christmas season. It’s 4,291,000 if you count Die Hard 2, which is also a Christmas movie


Die Hard, actually, is all around


People say Die Hard can’t be a Christmas movie because it was released in July. But guess what


Miracle on 34th Street was released in May. May! Haha


More people saw Die Hard than Miracle on 34th Street during November and December last year, too


The most Die Hard Christmas place in America is Rochester, New York

Last year, 5.33% of the people there watched Die Hard on Christmas Eve, the highest concentration of Die Hard watchers in the country

Rochester’s motto is “Made for Living.” They, you know, die hard


The next most Die Hard place is Des Moines, Iowa. Hi, Iowa

Among the good folk in the Des Moines area, 5.19% watched Die Hard last Christmas Eve


That’s just one county in Iowa


On Christmas Eve 2016, there were over 300,000 hours of Die Hard recorded on DISH DVRs


We assume they were waiting to be watched on Christmas Day


Because Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Watch it on Cinemax* and get in the holiday spirit.


And starting today (December 15), DISH is happy to announce the “12 Days of Die Hard!” From now through December 26, DISH customers can find Die Hard available On Demand at no cost**. It’s our little Christmas gift to you – so go ahead, join Santa this holiday season and spend an evening (or 12) with John McClane.


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**On Demand requires an internet-enabled set-top box
All viewership numbers mentioned above were calculated using DISH viewership data and extrapolating for the entire US pay TV universe