MLB Postseason Preview: How to Watch on DISH

MLB player swinging a baseball bat to the left of the 'MLB Post Season' logo

The MLB postseason has reached the LDS round. Following a Wild Card round that saw three-of-four home teams lose their series, the top-seeded teams are officially on upset alert.

In the American League, the New York Yankees will host the freshly-renamed Cleveland Guardians in their best-of-five series. The Guardians swept the Tampa Bay Rays out of the Wild Card round, and they enter the LDS with momentum. But no team has more momentum than the Yankees, who finished with 99-wins in the most competitive division in the American League. They also have new AL home run king Aaron Judge, who just broke Roger Maris’ 61-year record by smacking 62 dingers this season. 

The other ALDS series will be between division rivals, the Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners. This is a true “David vs. Goliath” series; the 106-win Astros have played in three of the last five World Series, while the Mariners just made the postseason for the first time since 2001. However, Seattle knocked off the heavily-favored Toronto Blue Jays in the Wild Card round, so the Astros will need to play stellar baseball to advance.

In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers finished with an absurd 111 wins, which is tied for the third most wins in MLB history. They’ll also be facing a divisional rival, the San Diego Padres, who upset the New York Mets in the Wild Card Round. The Dodgers have the right to be confident but they need to be careful; of the five teams that have won 111 or more regular season games, only one won the championship.

And finally, another divisional showdown finishes the slate of LDS series: the Atlanta Braves hosting the Philadelphia Phillies. The Braves have been on an incredible hot streak over the second half of the season, and coming off their first title in 25 years, they have the confidence to repeat. But the Phillies played them well this year and they’re getting healthy at the right time (even if they did lose reliever David Robertson for the series due to “celebration injury”). 

Check out the full postseason schedule below. The remaining games will be split between TBS and FOX/ FS1; FOX will carry the World Series, which begins Friday, Oct. 28.

American League Division Series (Best-of-five series)


New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Guardians

  • Game 1: Guardians at Yankees, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 7:30pm ET (TBS)
  • Game 2: Guardians at Yankees, Thursday, Oct. 13, 7:30pm ET (TBS)
  • Game 3: Yankees at Guardians, Saturday, Oct. 15, TBD (TBS)
  • Game 4*: Yankees at Guardians, Sunday, Oct. 16, TBD (TBS)
  • Game 5*: Guardians at Yankees, Monday, Oct. 17, TBD (TBS)


Houston Astros vs. Seattle Mariners

  • Game 1: Mariners at Astros, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 3:30pm ET (TBS)
  • Game 2: Mariners at Astros, Thursday, Oct. 13, 3:30pm ET (TBS)
  • Game 3: Astros at Mariners, Saturday, Oct. 15, TBD (TBS)
  • Game 4*: Astros at Mariners, Sunday, Oct. 16, TBD (TBS)
  • Game 5*: Mariners at Astros, Monday, Oct. 17, TBD (TBS)

National League Division Series (Best-of-five series)


Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies

  • Game 1: Phillies at Braves, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1pm ET (FOX)
  • Game 2: Phillies at Braves, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 4:30pm ET (FOX)
  • Game 3: Braves at Phillies, Friday, Oct. 14, TBD (FS1)
  • Game 4*: Braves at Phillies, Saturday, Oct. 15, TBD (FS1)
  • Game 5*: Phillies at Braves, Sunday, Oct. 16, TBD (FS1)

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres

  • Game 1: Padres at Dodgers, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 9:30pm ET (FS1)
  • Game 2: Padres at Dodgers, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 8:30pm ET (FS1)
  • Game 3: Dodgers at Padres, Friday, Oct. 14, TBD (FS1)
  • Game 4*: Dodgers at Padres, Saturday, Oct. 15, TBD (FS1)
  • Game 5*: Padres at Dodgers, Sunday, Oct. 16, TBD (FS1)

American League Championship Series

  • Game 1: Wednesday, Oct. 19 (TBS)
  • Game 2: Thursday, Oct. 20 (TBS)
  • Game 3: Saturday Oct. 22 (TBS)
  • Game 4: Sunday, Oct. 23 (TBS)
  • Game 5*: Monday, Oct. 24 (TBS)
  • Game 6*: Tuesday, Oct. 25 (TBS)
  • Game 7*: Wednesday Oct. 26 (TBS)

*if necessary


National League Championship Series

  • Game 1: Tuesday, Oct. 18 (FOX/FS1)
  • Game 2: Wednesday, Oct. 19 (FOX/FS1)
  • Game 3: Friday, Oct. 21 (FS1)
  • Game 4: Saturday, Oct. 22 (FOX/FS1)
  • Game 5*: Sunday, Oct. 23 (FS1)
  • Game 6*: Monday, Oct. 24 (FS1)
  • Game 7*: Tuesday, Oct. 25 (FOX/FS1)

*if necessary

World Series

  • Game 1: Friday, Oct. 28 (FOX)
  • Game 2: Saturday, Oct. 29 (FOX)
  • Game 3: Monday, Oct. 31 (FOX)
  • Game 4: Tuesday, Nov. 1 (FOX)
  • Game 5*: Wednesday, Nov. 2 (FOX)
  • Game 6*: Friday, Nov. 4 (FOX)
  • Game 7*: Saturday, Nov. 5 (FOX)

*if necessary