March Rentals on DISH: ‘M3GAN’ is an Absolute Doll

Key art for M3GAN

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Some monsters show up as flesh-eating sharks. Others as chainsaw-wielding maniacs. In M3GAN, the new rollicking thriller from horror hitmakers Blumhouse, the monster shows up as a 4-ft porcelain doll: sanguine, prim, and ready to play tea party.

Would you like a scone or a stone-cold shot to the skull?

With a story by Saw and Insidious writer James Wan, this comedy-horror romp is riotously fun, delivering both chills and chuckles. From the very beginning, M3GAN gives us a sense of mild dread that, well… things aren’t quite right. With one click of her steely-blue mechanical eyes, she wields her prickly presence with the best kind of creepy.

In a solid performance, Allison Williams plays a maternally-challenged robotics engineer who takes in her niece following the death of the child’s parents. “I’m not equipped to do this,” Aunt Gemma says early on in the film. The larger story becomes Gemma’s earnest-but-strained attempts to become a meaningful guardian for young Cady.

Enter M3GAN, a marvel of artificial intelligence created by Gemma. After all, what could be a better for poor traumatized Cady than an intuitive, lifelike doll? Well, it turns out this working “Beta” version of M3GAN wasn’t quite ready for her big debut and, much to the audience’s delight, things hit the proverbial fan.

While there are certainly a few bloody moments, M3GAN never gets heavy-handed with violence, staying in its PG-13 lane. Even non-horror fans could watch without getting too terribly squeamish. And, while the film includes a stripe of social commentary around outsourcing parenthood to tech and screen time, it never takes itself too seriously.

The thing is: M3GAN knows it’s ridiculous. It splashes around in it, it winks at us. With mischievous morbidity, it leans into its tropes with unapologetic zeal. Predictable? Sure. Do we care? No, because we’re having too much fun watching an unhinged cyborg in pigtails. It also smacks its lips with shades of The Ring – at one point M3GAN moves all fours like the girl emerging from the well — as well as Chucky of Child’s Play fame: a more polished, evolved version of the iconic maniac doll, of course.

In an age where television seems to have a lock on the industry’s best writing, it’s refreshing to kick back with a fun, good ole fashioned popcorn movie. You don’t have to think too hard, you don’t have to follow layers upon layers of complex plot. In this horror-lite, Mean Girls-turned-Terminator thriller, you get to laugh along with a murderous doll.

What’s more fun than that? – Jenny Urice

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