Vacation Spots Fit for a President

president vacations

You’ve probably seen pictures of U.S. presidents on vacation, whether they’re lounging on a beach or trekking across a ranch. Although the commander-in-chief needs to be available at all times (we hear the job is pretty important), everyone needs a little downtime.

We looked at a few past presidential vacation spots and gave them a much-needed revamp. You should consider visiting these places, too. After all, if they were good enough for the president, they’re probably good enough for you.

Barack Obama — Oahu

President Obama may have been born in Hawaii, but we can’t imagine that’s the only reason he loves this state. His abode of choice is Plantation Estate, which has its own lagoon-style pool and spa. Though this house is relatively secluded, the man still can’t bodysurf without a million other beach-goers photographing him. The obvious solution? Rent an entire island. Richard Branson turns to Necker Islands in the British Virgin Islands, which lets you do just that — spa treatments included.

Gerald Ford — Ford Ski Retreat

President Ford was one of the few presidents who sought out snow when he had some vacation days, and we can’t blame the guy. Skiing (and boarding) is just plain fun. Ford spent his days bundled up near his home’s wine cellar in Beaver Creek, Colorado. For a twist on a slopeside favorite, head to Bend, Oregon where you can ski relatively unnoticed. Also, you’ll be near plenty of craft breweries. That’s hard to beat.

Richard Nixon — Key Biscayne

Although President Nixon made a lot of good choices when he picked this sunny swath of paradise in Florida, he made a few blunders as well. House on the beach? Awesome. Turquoise waters? Most excellent. Money laundering and possible Mafia activity at the neighbors’ place? Not so much.

We get it — everyone seeks a little debauchery once in a while. If you need some mayhem in your life, why not just head to Vegas instead? Pro tip: If you are the president, it’s probably best to rent your own casino.