The World’s Coolest Water Slides

The terror. The water. The wedgies. What more could you ask for from an amusement park? For many, water parks are a summer tradition — up there with barbecues on the Fourth of July and evening bonfires.

Nobody can take a trip to a water park without going on at least one slide. Why? Usually to revel in the swooping pit-of-the-stomach fear and post-slide adrenaline rush that goes along with it. Even if you’re a water-slide junkie, you likely haven’t seen all of the coolest slides in the world. So, the next time you’re planning a trip, make it to one of these crazy water slides:

Scorpion’s Tail, Wisconsin

Thrilling, unforgettable, exciting — these are all words that are rarely used to describe Wisconsin. But they have been used to describe Noah’s Ark Water Park, located in the Wisconsin Dells. The largest water park in the United States is all of the above, and it’s also chock full of terrifying slides. None are crazier than the Scorpion’s Tail, though. Although not the tallest slide in the country, the Scorpion’s Tail is 10 stories high with a near-vertical initial drop. Oh, and riders can’t even see the drop when they get in because of a door in the floor that keeps them in complete suspense. Are you sweating yet?

Insano, Brazil

OK, first of all, insano means “insane” in Portuguese, so that’s your first hint that this slide is more than a bit wild. The Insano slide in Beach Park, Brazil, has the glory of being the world’s tallest water slide, at 14 stories high (that’s 135 feet, to be exact). It’s so steep that it takes 4 seconds for a rider to get from top to bottom. No thank you.

Leap of Faith, Paradise Island, Bahamas

If you have a fear of sharks, you may want to steer clear of the Leap of Faith on Paradise Island. Why? Because the slide, which awesomely looks like a Mayan temple, takes riders through a tunnel in a tank full of sharks. The good news? You’re likely whizzing by so fast that you won’t see sharks so much as shark-like blurs.

Toboggan, Italy

The Toboggan isn’t as much a crazy water slide as it is a work of art on an Italian cliff side. Located in a resort in Palermo, Italy, the Toboggan has four levels, each of which offers an amazing view of the resort. Plus, it finishes with a drop into the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea. Sharks or beautiful Italian cliff side? Hmm, tough choice.