The Best Tech & Gear for Tech-Savvy Travelers

Traveling isn’t always about unplugging. Traveling with tech has become easier and more affordable than ever. Whether you are working on the road or just want to stay up to date on your favorite shows while you’re away, here are a few travel tips for tech lovers.


Some of the best advancements in technology are now built into your luggage. When you’re shopping for a new piece of luggage, look for these emerging tech accessories:

Built-in anti-theft system. Suitcases can now be locked and unlocked using your phone or your fingerprint. This type of system can also alert you by phone when your case moves 30 meters away from you.

Global tracking. Another safety system you can sync straight to your mobile device is global tracking. Simply download the app and connect it to your luggage piece, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your baggage ever again.

Charger included. Can’t find a place to charge your phone? Use your suitcase’s built-in power bank. With a simple USB port, you can charge your phone or tablet without searching for an adapter or electrical outlet.

Digital scale. Look for a suitcase with a digital scale sensor based in the wheels. Now you can weigh your luggage without even needing to lift it.

Device Cases

Traveling can put your tech into a lot of situations you wouldn’t normally find at home. A tough travel case can handle just about any situation. Two we like:

Lifeproof. They make one of the most durable phone cases on earth, claiming to keep your phone safe for over an hour in 6 feet of water, withstand dust, snow and even holds the U.S. military standard for drop and shock protection.

G-Form Extreme Sleeve for laptops. This laptop case can survive a 20-foot drop and is billed as the world’s most rugged case for laptops. They also make a protective case for iPads.


Don’t get stranded with no juice. These tech accessories that prevent that from happening:

External power bank. These can give your device a quick boost, and they’re small enough to carry around with you.

Charge everything at once. Remember that your laptop is essentially a giant power bank. While you’re juicing up your laptop at a coffee shop or your hotel, grab your USB chargers and plug in your mobile devices to charge them as well.

Solar charger. Headed out in the woods and won’t have an electrical outlet? Don’t forget to pack a solar charger. These are small enough to be carried with you wherever you are headed.


Dish Anywhere. Worried about missing your favorite shows while you’re away? With Dish Anywhere, you have the power to watch live or recorded TV and On Demand titles from anywhere in the world directly on your mobile device. All you need is an Internet connection, your Dish login details and a mobile device. With those three things, you can watch every TV channel you get at home on your phone or tablet.

HopperGo. Finding a connection to stream your favorite shows while traveling can be frustrating. The Dish HopperGo enables you to save movies and TV shows to watch on any device without taking up precious hard drive space. It has 100 hours of storage, perfect for those long plane rides and dull layovers. Simply plug the HopperGO into your mobile device and you have instant access to your TV and movie collection, no matter where you are in the world.