Make Moving Easier: The Complete List of Digital & Physical Tools

Pretty much everybody agrees that moving stinks. In fact, people consistently rank moving among the most stressful life events, in the company of such things like job loss, divorce and having a baby. Despite this, the average American moves about 11 times during their life, according to FiveThirtyEight. Chances are, you probably won’t be able to avoid the stress of moving entirely, but at least you can do your best to minimize it. Here are some digital and physical tools to help make moving easier.

Moving Checklists

A good checklist can help you keep everything organized. features a checklist organized as a timeline, starting by getting organized eight weeks before your move and continuing through your final check of your old home on moving day. If you prefer to have your checklist on your phone, download a moving checklist app such as Real Simple Checklists for Apple devices or My Move for Androids.

Moving Space Calculators

A big challenge of moving is figuring out where you’re going to put everything and whether it’s all going to fit. U-Pack offers four moving space estimator calculators on its website, including the Simple Space Estimator (which lets you estimate floor space) and the Rental Truck Conversion Chart (which allows you to compare equivalent space on trucks versus trailers).

Start Packing

When it’s time to start packing, you’ll need a number of things, including:

Boxes. You can buy these, of course, but you can also try to get discarded boxes for free from a home improvement store or local grocery store. Also try Craigslist (search “moving boxes” in your city) and People will often give their old moving boxes away for free to someone willing to come pick them up.

Packing items. You’ll also need packing paper (for fragile items), packing tape, scissors, markers and labels.

Odds and ends. Pick up some protective plastic wrap, along with Ziploc bags and zip ties for packing loose items and tying cables.

Moving Company Review Apps

Whether you’re renting a truck to move everything yourself or hiring some movers, you may need to look up moving services to assist your move. The My Move app lets you browse moving companies and read customer reviews on your Apple, Android or Amazon device.

Start Moving

When it comes time to actually move items, several tools are essential:

  • For large and heavy furniture, you’ll need a furniture dolly with four wheels, along with the right technique
  • For appliances, Elite Moving Labor recommends using a two-wheeled appliance dolly with a manual belt tightener
  • For lighter furniture and boxes, use utility dollies, which have two wheels with a metal lip
  • Coaster-shaped furniture sliders will also help you slide large items across the floor without having to lift them
  • If you have stairs, you may also want to consider using a stair roller
  • You’ll also need ropes, straps, and blankets or pads

No Waiting

Are you tired wasting hours of your time waiting for the TV guy to set up your TV service? With DISH, you don’t need to. For the easiest installation process, DISH offers the My Tech countdown feature. My Tech provides updates by the minute on when the DISH installation van will make it to your home.

Time to Unpack

The first challenge here is unloading your furniture and boxes without damaging your new home. The best way to protect your floors is to lay down protective pathways using rug-runners for hard floors, Masonite boards for carpets and carpet mask for carpeted stairs. You can also drape railings with banister protectors and protect doors with door jamb protectors or Matadoor pads. Use wardrobe boxes and free-standing shelves to keep things organized as you unload.

Try an Unpacking App

Finally, there’s the task of putting everything you unloaded in its proper place. To assist with this, download Sortly. The app lets you photograph items with your smartphone’s camera and then digitally categorize the images, so you can find where you put them later. This is also a helpful way to do inventory as you pack and unpack.