Indoor Camping: Ultimate Setups You Should Make Right Now

As adults, we have tons of reasons for building an indoor camp. Perhaps you love the idea of sleeping in a tent, but your terror at the thought of the Blair Witch has led you to avoid anything remotely related to the wilderness. Maybe you can’t take time off work right now, so you’re looking for new and exciting staycation ideas. No matter why you’re indoor camping, there’s no reason to do it halfway. So, get out your sleeping bag and granola, and make yourself one of these ultimate setups:

The blanket fort

Every kid’s fantasy is about to become your reality. Gather all the sheets, blankets and pillows you have, along with any tall, supportive poles that are lying around (umbrellas, floor lamps, tripods and really big sticks all work well). You’ll also need a lot of clothespins.

Arrange the furniture in your living room in a circle, strategically place your tall pole-like objects in the middle, and drape and pin away until you have the fort of your dreams.

The glamping setup

I know what you’re thinking: Why would you glamp indoors when you could just get into your own luxurious bed? Well, because glamping is not just about enjoying all the comforts you already have — it’s about enjoying them in a tent. Which is so much better.

To glamp, pull out all the sheets you can find, hang them from the ceiling and drape them around your living room like a palace. Fill the room with your mattress and every pillow you own, stock up on indulgent treats, light some pine-scented candles and wear only a plush robe all weekend.

The man cave

Traditional man caves are already pretty similar to camping (take, for example, the manly body odors). But with the addition of a cave-like tent, your man cave can be so much cooler.

To make the cave, you’ll need to construct it around the electronics that are already in place in your home — a man cave isn’t complete without ESPN and video games. Use blankets, cardboard boxes and whatever else you need to make your cave, invite the guys over, and revel in your glorious man fort.

The romanticampsite

Romantic indoor camping will take a few more special touches than the other setups. Here’s what you do: Connect a piece of rope from one end of the living room to the other and drape a sheet over it like a tent. Then add a plush mattress, twinkling Christmas lights and soft music. Done and done.