How to Actually Stay Awake at a Baseball Game

If you find yourself falling asleep at a baseball game, there is only one takeaway: You’re just not that into it. You’re probably there because someone told you about the astounding craft beer selection or the bacon on a stick. And that’s OK. But now your comrades are focused on the game, and you’re drifting off like this baby but with a 20 oz. beer in hand.

Don’t panic. Here’s what you need to do:


When you feel yourself start drooping off, engage in a physical activity such as breakdancing, juggling or handstand pushups.

Amuse yourself with cat videos

Many ballparks have Wi-Fi, so why not entertain yourself with hysterical YouTube videos while your friends are paying attention to the game?

Run laps

There’s no better way to stay awake than running, so why not take to the perimeter of the concourse and get your workout in? Note: You may want to bring your deodorant.

Press on the bridge of your nose

No, really. Apparently this is a thing.

Bathe in peppermint oil

They say chewing peppermint gum or sniffing peppermint essential oil will help you stay awake, but this seems weak. Bathe in the stuff entirely, and you’re (probably) guaranteed to stay awake!

Douse yourself with ice water

Keep a bucket of ice on hand, and when it starts to melt, sporadically douse your face with cold water.

Ask your neighbor annoying questions

Making conversation is proven to help you stay awake, but your neighbor is probably focused on the game. And that means this person can teach you more about baseball! Two birds with one stone, right?

Eat more bacon

Snacks provide you with calories. Calories provide you with energy. Bacon is a snack. Need we say more?

Bring a pillow

You know what they say: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.