[Infographic] Glamping Essentials


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All good glampers know which essentials to pack for their next trip to the wilderness. Espresso machines are vital, of course, as are headboards, actual sofas and white linen tablecloths. The one thing they always seem to forget? No, it’s not a battery-powdered blow dryer. It’s not the gold-flecked Belgian chocolate, either. It’s a butler. Need proof?

1. You’ll need someone to catch your dinner.

Let’s be real: Fishing isn’t nearly as easy as it looks. To avoid needing to catch/gut/prepare that trout yourself, ask your butler to do so instead.

2. He can help you choose the appropriate thread count for your king-size bed.

Selecting the appropriate bedding for your designer tent is almost as tedious as fishing. Not sure what thread count says, “I’m rustic but refined”? Leave it to your butler.

3. Making s’mores is tedious.

You can’t hold your tablet and your wine when you’re trying to roast marshmallows.

4. That wine isn’t going to pour itself.

Getting up to repeatedly fill your glass is rough. Unless you want to drink straight from the bottle, bringing your butler is the only way around this.

5. Who else will kill rogue spiders?

Spiders in the wilderness are much larger than the ones you find scurrying across your kitchen floor. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.