Best Food Trucks in the U.S.

If you’re an American, you know what “hangry” is. It’s that scary period of time when you’ve gone far too long without a meal, and you must eat something. NOW!

Aside from being a first-world problem, hanger is also a scientific fact, according to CNN. When your blood-glucose levels drop after you wait too long to eat, your body thinks you’re dying — literally. That’d be enough to unleash the beast in anyone. So, the next time your BFF snaps, offer her a candy bar. Or join in the hunt for the most famous food trucks in the United States. Here are a few to get you started:

Food Shark

Parked precariously between a bookstore and some railroad tracks in Marfa, Texas, this school bus turned food truck is definitely worth a stop if you’re traveling through this southern state. Food Shark serves up Mediterranean food delicious enough to beat the mean out of even the hangriest of patrons — and its 200 weekly customers would agree. So, slap that hummus on your lettuce, hop on that falafel wagon and scoot on out of hangry town.

Korilla BBQ Truck

New York has a lot of different people and cultures. It’s only appropriate that the fusion of flavors that is Korilla BBQ Truck would station itself there. Here, two beautiful worlds of Mexican and Korean cuisine come together in one delicious dish. Dive into rib eye, pulled pork, chicken thigh or tofu in burrito, taco or chosun bowl form. Bask in the glory of Korilla barbecue sauce and kiss your hanger goodbye.

Beavers Coffee + Donuts

Discover the delicious bites of heaven at Chicago’s Beavers Coffee + Donuts food truck. The delightful doughnut morsels are topped with chocolate sauce, creamy caramel, graham cracker crumbles and even fluffy marshmallows. Snacking on these things while sipping from a steaming cup o’ joe is enough to get you through even the darkest of times.

If you’re ever so hungry that you want to punch a wall, just remember one thing: Your body thinks you’re dying. That’s a good enough excuse as any to indulge in one of these traveling restaurants. No matter where you are in this great country, you’re sure to find a high-caloric meal that will diminish your inner food devil. Of course, if applying effort isn’t your thing, just use the Roaming Hunger website to locate local food trucks.