Backpacking Through Europe? Items You'd Never Think to Bring (But Should)

So you’ve read all the “backpacking through Europe” guides you can find. You’ve kept your clothing to a minimum, packed the correct outlet converters and opted to leave your blow dryer at home. You may feel like you’ve got everything you need for the ultimate adventure around the globe (or, you know, a big chunk of it), but you don’t. Not yet. Before you take that plane across the pond, make sure you have these last-minute items in your carry-on. You’ll thank us later.

Onesie pajamas

Onesie pajamas are the ultimate sleepwear. They’re easy to put on, require you to pack fewer overall garments and are really, really comfortable while traveling. Better yet, depending on what print you choose, they’re a great conversation piece. Yay, new friends!


Crocs may get a bad rep, but they’re the cockroaches of footwear: totally indestructible. They’re perfect for all kinds of weather — plus you have to wear something on your feet in those hostel showers. Trust us.

A selfie stick

Do you know how hard it is to get the entire Eiffel Tower in your selfie? This will give you enough reach to take much better photos.

A CamelBak

Great for drinking water, and even better for inconspicuously sipping wine.


No explanation necessary. Sudoku is the best, and it doesn’t require Wi-Fi.

Ranch dressing

For some reason, European countries don’t eat this magical condiment. Ranch withdrawals are real, people.

A fanny pack

Pickpockets are everywhere in Europe, and leaving your valuables in backpacks and purses isn’t smart. Keep your stuff where you can see it by stashing it in a fanny pack. And hey — we hear they’re making a comeback.