How to: Access Apps from your Hopper-Connected TV

Did you know that, as a DISH Hopper customer, you can easily access weather, sports, music, news and entertainment apps right on your TV? It only takes two simple steps.

  1. Click the blue button on your remote control.
  2. This pulls up an app bar that runs across the bottom of the TV screen. Use the arrow buttons to move back and forth, then click “Select” to access the app of your choosing.


There are more than 22 great apps currently available on our Hopper. Popular apps include:

  • Music: DISH Music; Pandora; and Sirius XM
  • Weather: The Weather Channel
  • Sports: ESPN Fantasy Football; Game Finder; MLB Network; and AP Top 25
  • Social: Facebook; Twitter; Photo Sharing
  • Games: Scrambler; Gomoku; Blackjack; and Texas Hold’em

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