‘Heels’ on Starz Blends Wrestling with ‘Succession’ and ‘Six Feet Under

"Heels" S2 on Starz

I’ll begin by confessing, I’m no wrestling expert. Yet, I find myself captivated by the wrestling drama Heels, which returns for its second season Friday, July 28 at 10pm ET on Starz. Heels is visually striking with a fantastic soundtrack and vibrant characters. It’s a win for everyone, especially the ladies.

However, if you are a wrestling fan, the show cleverly incorporates enough real lore to keep die-hard fans engaged (AEW star CM Punk appears in the season premiere). For the rest of us, Heels serves up the kind of suspenseful, treacherous, life-altering family drama we’ve been craving since Succession ended.



The story revolves around the Duffy Wrestling League (DWL), a legacy left by a father to his son, Jack (an excellent Stephen Amell). This fictional league offers an intriguing look into a niche yet very real American industry, reminiscent of another classic cable drama about an unusual family business, Six Feet Under.

What makes this show exceptional is its complete respect for both the narrative and the audience. There are no cheap cliff-hangers or filler episodes. Each episode is a complete chapter, leaving you satiated yet eagerly anticipating the next serving. 

Season one begins with a pivotal decision from Jack Spade, the mastermind behind the DWL storylines, to turn his brother Ace (former Vikings star Alexander Ludwig) into a ‘heel,’ flipping the script in a way that keeps audiences hooked. As the season unfolds, we witness the power struggle between the brothers Jack and Ace Spade over the DWL. Jack’s successful, wealthy, thrilling, and obnoxious competitor, Charlie Gully (Mike O’Malley), poses a significant threat, as he poaches the DWL’s talent for his Florida Wrestling Dystopia (FWD).



Aside from Gully, Jack’s major issue is his narrow vision. He’s so protective of his star/brother that he overlooks the potential talent within his own team, including Crystal (Kelly Berglund, the show’s secret MVP), who is Ace’s valet, and an aspiring wrestler herself.

Despite their frustrations and drama, DWL wrestlers form a close-knit family of unique individuals, each with their own distinct strengths. The finale of Season one showcases why this ragtag family is so special: the triumph of the underdog. In the end, the win feels like it belongs to us all.

Season 2 takes us deeper into the drama, offering insightful perspectives on the family dynamics, the inner workings of the DWL, and the stories behind these beloved characters. The rivalry between the FWD and DWL intensifies, culminating in a media spectacle that will leave you stunned. The season finale highlights the Spade brothers’ poignant dedication to each other — and to their narrative in the ring — a commitment so profound it borders on tragedy.

Heels is the type of show that has you yelling and laughing at the screen. In that spirit, let’s rally for family on three: one… two…

Season 2 of Heels premieres Friday, July 28 at 10pm ET on Starz. Not a DISH subscriber? Use this link to find the DISH package that’s right for you!