Fox’s ‘Welcome To Flatch’ is ‘The Office’ 2.0

Welcome to Flatch featured image
Welcome to Flatch airs Thursdays on FOX

If you’re a fan of shows like Parks and Recreation or The Office, new Fox mockumentary Welcome to Flatch might just be the best thing on TV (with a 2022 twist, of course). The show—which was adapted from the UK series This Country—is about small town life in the fictional town of Flatch, Ohio, particularly the exploits of young cousins Kelly (Holmes) and “Shrub” (Sam Straley) who long to become internet famous. 


 While Holmes and Straley may be relative newcomers, comedy fans will immediately recognize Joseph “Father Joe” Binghoffer; in a clever bit of casting, he’s played by Seann William Scott of Role Models and American Pie fame. Aya Cash, who played Stormfront on season 2 of The Boys, is Father Joe’s ex, and the pilot was directed by Paul Feig, a comedy icon who has worked on everything from The Office to Bridesmaids


Despite the pedigree of those names, the younger actors at the center of the show are the biggest reason to watch. In keeping with the show’s mockumentary theme, their characters already have TikTok and Instagram accounts chronicling their pranks and stunts (check them out at @Kellyandshrub). Their social media accounts serve as a clever introduction to the characters, and the blend of small-stakes mischief and unearned self-confidence feels recognizable, even to older generations.


Michael Thorn, president of entertainment for Fox Entertainment, told Variety that Welcome to Flatch will come off as “slightly dry, ironic British,” which explains why many of us will instantly connect it’s quirky, unfiltered style to The Office, also adapted from a UK series. 


“We’re so passionate about the show and we so believe in these characters. Once you watch a few, you’ll know these characters are contagious,” Thorn said to Variety.


Welcome to Flatch airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on FOX OR customers can stream the first 7 episodes on DISH.