Watch TV At The Gym

Give new meaning to running time

Friends, a brand new year is here. Everything is fresh and new, and you have a chance at a fresh start. Perhaps you’ve been making resolutions. Thinking of ways to improve yourself. Finally attaining your dreams. Casting aside whatever seemed to be holding you back, so that you can reach your true potential and float slightly above the Earth, looking benevolently on all you see, shooting beams of light from your fingertips, divine and transplendent. Or maybe, like most of us, you’re planning to get off the couch and hit the gym more.

If that’s the case, we have good news. You can—and should!—get on the treadmill, and you can keep up with with your favorite TV shows while you do it. That’s because with DISH, you can watch live and recorded TV on your smartphone or tablet with DISH Anywhere. And when we say “live and recorded TV” we mean it. DISH Anywhere lets you watch 100% of the live TV you could watch on the Hopper in your living room on your devices. It also gives you access to 100% of the content you have recorded on your Hopper and thousands of On-Demand movies and shows. No need to squint to see the TV the gym has mounted on the other side of the room to watch what the gym thinks you want to watch – watch your tv.

No wifi at your gym or worried you’ll use all your wireless data? No problem! You can use DISH Anywhere without an internet connection. Just transfer shows you have recorded on your Hopper DVR to your device, or use said device to connect to the HopperGO’s network to watch shows recorded there. Then lace up your sneakers and off you go.

How To Get Started

To set up DISH Anywhere on your device, first download the DISH Anywhere app from the Google Play or Apple Store. Once the app is installed, sign in using your myDISH username and password. You may have to authorize your device to watch On Demand content, which you can do using the Settings section of the app. Once you have the app installed and you are signed in and authorized, you’ll have instant access to all of your live and recorded TV.

To transfer recordings from your Hopper to watch offline, start by selecting the DVR section of the DISH Anywhere app on your mobile device. Once there, choose the Recordings option, and then pick the individual recording you wish to transfer. To transfer content to your HopperGO, simply connect it to your Hopper using a USB cable, and then follow the same steps using your mobile device. Once you do so, you’ll see another option to transfer your program of choice to the HopperGO as well.

Make twenty minutes on the treadmill so entertaining it feels like you’re chasing dreams. Watch a reality show about social climbers while you get toned on a stair climber. Watch whatever gets your heart pumping. If you need some help, here are some suggestions.

Real Housewives
We all have our guilty pleasure reality TV shows. Sometimes, we enjoy watching the lives of those on the other end of the TV set so much that we almost believe that we’re watching fictional characters. The Real Housewives franchise is a great example of this. With multiple seasons set in cities across the nation, it’s safe to say that there’s practically enough episodes to get you through 2018.

Grey’s Anatomy
Watching this show is bound to get your heart racing almost as much, if not more, than actually running on the treadmill. Ellen Pompeo stars as the titular character Meredith Grey in this medical drama, which remains one of the most popular and top-rated shows on television, even in its fourteenth season. By the time you’re through with just one episode, you might be tempted to play doctor and borrow a heart rate monitor for yourself from all of the excitement.

Sons of Anarchy
Want a TV series that will make you completely forget your surroundings and that the fact that you may be unwillingly punishing yourself for one too many holiday treats? Here it is. This action-packed series revolving around a criminal motorcycle club is sure to keep your eyes glued to the screen, and away from all else. Just remember to keep your feet moving and to stay away from the edge of the treadmill throughout every jaw-dropping twist and turn.

If you enjoy shows about all the subterfuge and deception taking place behind the scenes, then you will certainly love Homeland (even if you’re not watching from home). Claire Danes stars in this thriller as a CIA agent specializing in covert operations, who has been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Needless to say, this makes for an unpredictable series of events that can distract anyone from the self-flagellation that is running.

Perhaps the most fitting type of programming to watch while staying active would be actual professional athletes competing against each other on their respective battlefields. Whether it involves sticks and nets or whether it takes place on the gridiron, rest assured you can watch the big game live at the gym as long as you have an internet connection. Bonus challenge: See how many minutes of game clock you can power through without taking a break from your workout.

No matter what type of show strikes your fancy, DISH has the TV packages and the tech to keep you satisfied at home and on the go. Subscribe today and see for yourself.