Traveling? Keep Your Tech Gadgets Safe With These Packing Tips

travel knapsack with mobile devices isolated on white background

Tangled cords, broken gadgets, jam-packed suitcases… Trying to pack your tech accessories is enough to frustrate even the savviest of travelers. But you don’t have to sacrifice all your tech gadgets for travel bliss. These packing tips will keep your gadgets right where you need them, when you need them — while you’re on the road.

1. Know what you really need

Avoid the temptation to throw each and every gadget you own into your suitcase. Not only will it weigh you down physically, but too many accessories will only take up time, space and sanity. For example, don’t pack a separate e-reader, camera and GPS if your smartphone can do it all. You also don’t need to bring three USB cables if one multi-use charger will suffice. Simplify whenever possible.

2. Put your valuables in your carry-on bag

The best way to ensure that your high-tech gadgets don’t end up somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle is to keep them with you at all times. There’s also less of a chance that your valuable electronics will get jostled or broken if they fit in your carry-on bag under the seat in front of you (instead of being chucked under the plane with other large luggage).

3. Invest in a good bag

A good carry-on bag makes all the difference when it comes to traveling with technology. Look for one that has easy organization, such as laptop sleeves and divided pockets for quick access to things like chargers or headphones. This will make it easy to remove your laptop, HopperGO or camera when needed. Plus, it ensures you’ve always got a good idea of where your valuables lie. Sufficient padding is also something to look for to ensure your valuable electronics can take a little turbulence.

There are countless tech bags on the market, but the Tumi T-Tech Empire Landmark Laptop Messenger bag is a crowd favorite.

4. Keep your cables together

There’s nothing more annoying than losing essential cables or having all of your wires get tangled together at the bottom of your bag. Avoid this hassle by keeping your wires in an extra glasses case. This ensures your cables are well organized and ready to use in a pinch.

5. Coil those cords

This travel hack will keep your chargers and wires neatly organized. One of the best ways to keep your cords coiled is to wrap them around a standard binder clip. Holding the coils together with a rubber band also does the trick. Both will keep your wires from becoming tangled, even when packed with other cords.

6. Bring bubble wrap

It might sound crazy, but pack a bit of bubble wrap around your valuable tech accessories if you’re doing particularly arduous travel.

7. Packing cubes are your friend

Packing cubes are small, lightweight zipper bags that can be used to organize virtually anything, both on and off the road. Think of them as little dresser drawers for your suitcase. Use them to keep your larger and smaller gear all in one place, as well as to make packing and repacking a breeze.