The 5 Best Shows on TV for Real Outdoorsmen


There are shows about the outdoors, and then there are shows for real outdoorsmen. You know the kind — these shows educate you, inspire you and basically make you want to pack up your gear and head out into nature. Here is our list of TV’s best shows for the serious outdoors lover:

South Bend’s Lunkerville

Remember the time your best buddy took you on a fishing trip and taught you a thing or two about his favorite angling spot? Well, that’s what South Bend’s Lunkerville on World Fishing Network is all about — the average, everyday angler who shares local fishing tips and experiences with affable host Mike D. While Lunkerville originally focused on bass fishing enthusiasts, some of Mike D’s more recent adventures have taken him sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River in British Columbia and casting for bluefish off the coast of Montauk.

Larysa Unleashed

If you’re a real outdoorsman, chances are pretty good you’ve dreamt about ditching your day job to go on some wild adventure at least once or twice. Hunt red stag in Argentina? Spend your summer fighting monster tarpon in Florida’s Boca Grande Pass? If you answered, “Yes, please,” then tune into Larysa Unleashed on the Sportsman Channel. Larysa Switlyk abandoned a high-paying career as a certified public accountant in New York to embark on some of the most exotic hunting and fishing expeditions in the world.

Fight to Survive

If you appreciate the adrenaline rush of a new adventure and perhaps an element of danger, check out Fight to Survive on the Outdoor Channel. It tells the inspirational true stories of men and women who have come face-to-face with certain death and fought to survive. Host Craig DeMartino, an accomplished climber and survivor of a devastating 100-foot free fall in the Rocky Mountains, takes each of his guests back to the original scenes of their harrowing experiences — straight into some of the most scenic but dangerous places in North America.

World of Adventure

Whether it’s extreme mountain biking among the ruins of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu or descending into the world’s most dangerous volcano, Marum Crater in Vanuatu, World of Adventure is an Emmy Award-winning television show on Outside Television that’s certainly not for the faint of heart. Olympian Todd Richards is one of the show’s featured hosts who will guide you around the world to witness an array of adrenaline-inspired feats or sporting events.

Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show

From fishing Lake St. Clair for musky to trolling in the Grand Bahamas for mahimahi, Bob Izumi travels around the world and shares his decades of fishing experience. When you watch Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show on World Fishing Network, you’ll join him on his adventures — and you’ll get helpful tips on what to do when the fish aren’t biting or how to choose the right fishing line for your target species. Izumi isn’t just about catching fish for entertainment’s sake; he sincerely strives to educate you in every episode. And he succeeds.

For more of the great outdoors and exciting adventures, check out outdoor programming on DISH.