Robert De Niro Is The Wizard of Lies

Pay attention to the man behind the scam

There is maybe one villain in American life who we can all agree really had it coming: Bernie Madoff. During the financial crisis, when we were trying to figure out mortgage backed securities and credit default swaps, Mr. Madoff’s problems became very clear and very outrageous. He fleeced a few thousand people, including his friends, public figures, and even everyday people living paycheck to paycheck. He was arrested in December, 2008, and charged with fraud. He stole about $20 billion. It was the largest financial scam in American history.

Now, HBO is telling Madoff’s story in its new biopic The Wizard of Lies, starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. It’s an unsparing, pitiless presentation about Madoff’s crime and how he went about his life in the meantime, even as his scheme, and his home, crumbled. It’s dark.

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Just like you would expect from HBO, Wizard of Lies takes material you know and brings it to life in the most dramatic way that premium TV allows. That includes the most amazing actors and directors. We talked to Robert De Niro and Barry Levinson about what it takes to tell the story of an infamous con man.

See the trailer for the movie here. The movie premieres on HBO on May 20th.