How to Live Like Your Favorite TV Characters!

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 I spend my working life pretending to be someone else.

– Andrew Lincoln, star of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”

Beyond the fame, fortune and glamour, what most of us envy about actors is their freedom to become different people. Whether a zombie-fighting sheriff, a costumed superhero, or a detective investigating the crime of the century, we’ve all wondered what it would be like to step into the shoes of our favorite TV characters. But what if you could do more than just fantasize about it? To help inspire your fictional transformation, here are a few ways to add some primetime excitement to your life!

AMC’s “Mad Men

Fans who’ve dreamed about trading lives with the charismatic Don Draper or Joan Harris can stir things up with a cocktail lesson from Mixology Classes USA. With offices in 12 cities across the country, they’ll have you crafting the perfect Old Fashioned or Gimlet in no time. Give your new persona a spark of authenticity and use a vintage mixing spoon from the barware company The Hour. Finally, a hardcover copy of “Retro Home” from Merrell Publishers is a perfect way to re-create the mid-century look of “Mad Men” at your own pad.

CW’s “The Flash

Just because a particle accelerator hasn’t granted you superpowers doesn’t mean you can’t play the hero! According to Runner’s World Magazine, the fastest sneakers at this year’s New York Marathon were the Adidas Adizero Boost 2.0, so a pair of these could help you break the sound barrier. Best of all, they actually come in a color called “Flash Red.” Next, a scarlet hoodie emblazoned with a familiar lightning bolt from SuperHeroStuff will disguise your true identity. And since you’ll need a way to track your speed, try a Stopwatch Pro from New Balance. Energy drinks are optional, though highly recommended.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead

Devotees of the gory zombie series know surviving the apocalypse means developing your fighting skills, so protect yourself against cannibals by enrolling in a C.O.B.R.A Self Defense class. Their certified combat instructors just might prevent you from becoming someone’s lunch! If the prison you’re hiding in gets overrun by ghouls, a lightweight, 2-person mountaineering tent from REI can offer comfortable shelter. Lastly, a 72-hour zombie survival kit from CPR Savers will help make scavenging for supplies a little easier.

Bravo’s “Top Chef

Whether you’re an experienced foodie or need directions to boil water, there are steps you can take to turn yourself into a “Top Chef” contestant. First, a weekly meal delivery service like Blue Apron will have you preparing delicious dishes before you know it. From cornmeal-crusted catfish to stir-fried Szechuan eggplant, they’ll provide everything you need to impress the judges. Then get chopping with an elegant 7” Santoku kitchen knife from Crate & Barrel, and protect your clothes with an exclusive “Top Chef” apron from the Bravo Shop. Bon appétit!

NBC’s “Aquarius

If this summer’s David Duchovny drama makes you nostalgic for the days of tie-dye and love beads, then Time Life Entertainment’s 10-CD “Flower Power” box set will help transport you back in time. Featuring virtually every major recording artist from the hippie era, this 175-track compilation is as groovy as it is essential. And since the stylish TV series depicts the infamous life of Charles Manson, a first edition copy of the classic bestseller “Helter Skelter,” signed by author Vincent Bugliosi, will allow you to investigate the crimes like a true detective.