Christmas Countdown

Best things since the remote control

There are mere days until Christmas, and we know many of you are even now dashing through the malls and tapping around cyberspace for gifts. We assure you, this is extremely normal. No one has their shopping done before Christmas Eve. If someone tells you their shopping is done, do not believe them. Even the elves at the North Pole bang away at stuff until the minute Santa’s sleigh is off the ground, and probably a minute after, too.

If you’re looking for gifts for someone who especially appreciates TV and movies—and who doesn’t appreciate TV and movies?—we have some very good ideas. From TV tech to TV comfort to TV props, here are gifts that will send TV and movie lovers reeling.


Ok, this is the obvious one. But of all the possible packages you could find under the Christmas tree, a DISH package would most thrill a TV lover. And if next-day installation is available, it could all be set up and ready to go, well, the next day.

Popcorn machine

Popcorn will be a necessity. Are you even watching movies or TV without popcorn? No, no you are not. Not in America.

Lap desk

If you’re going to watch TV in bed on your laptop—and with DISH Anywhere, you can watch all your live TV on your laptop—you’re going to need a lap desk. Like this one. It’s good for your posture and keeping crumbs out of your sheets, if that’s something you’re concerned about.

Chunky knit pillow

For TV purists, who insist on watching all their TV on their TV, from the couch. They will require comfort, too, and for them a knit pillow should do the trick.

Wireless Joey

For people with TV sets in rooms around the house, or even out on the patio. You don’t need a DVR for all of them. You can use a Wireless Joey to watch live TV and anything you’ve saved on your Hopper DVR.

Binge watching survival kit

Look, if you’re going to binge watch some TV, you’re absolutely going to want to survive it. Here, to keep your teeth clean and eyes moist: a binge watching survival kit.

Walking Dead Monopoly

Like the end of the world, Monopoly can take a while. So this is a great mash-up. Play between episodes.

Arrested Development pencils

“I’ve made a huge mistake”? Well, friend, that’s why they have erasers.

Play-fi speakers

Did you know you can play all your music on any Play-fi enabled speaker with the DISH Music app? Use it to play different music in different rooms, or synch every room up. It’s a bonus that will have you singing, “The halls are alive, with the sound of music…”

Actual TV memorabila

Keep an eye on Screenbid, where props and costumes from your favorite shows and movies are auctioned off routinely. Did you know that even today, you can grab items from Masters of Sex and the 2013 film This Is The End, among others? Check out their gift guide.

However you bring TV into your home, happy holidays, and happy watching!