The Most Entertaining YouTube Channels for Sports, Tech, TV & More

Ready for some mind-blowing YouTube stats? The platform boasts more than 1 billion users total, 6 billion views per month, and 300 hours of new video uploaded every minuteaccording to the company website. It’s impossible to keep up with it all. If you could track down your favorite channels and curate the best content, YouTube becomes just as good of a source of entertainment programming as Netflix, Hulu and even HBO — only YouTube is free. We’ve done a lot of the work for you; check out our favorite YouTube channels in a variety of genres, below:


Dude Perfect



Dude Perfect and his crew didn’t invent the trick shot, they just cranked it up to 11 and put it all online. Dude Perfect throws nothing-but-net basketball shots from the top of the stadium, perfect spirals from a speeding Ferrari, and now does tons of cameos with sports superstars like Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul (who try some incredible trick shots of their own).

Red Bull



Dude Perfect may be the most popular sports account on YouTube, but it’s Red Bull that redefines amazing. Red Bull is to the extreme athlete what Nike is to an NBA superstar. The best of the best will always ride, fly and jump for Red Bull — and the stunts are always captured on high-definition video (with AWOL Nation’s “Sail” playing in the background). Trick shots are neat, but Red Bull’s stunts defy death itself.

Technology & Video Games

Dunkey (VideoGameDunkey)




There’s a split consensus on the “let’s play” genre, which is essentially videos of other people playing video games. Sounds boring, right? Well, if you gave some of these accounts a chance, you’ll find yourself more entertained than expected. Guys like Dunkey make gaming a riot, and he has some genuine fun with the most popular games (especially League of Legends).

TED Talks (TED)




You may have heard of or seen a TED Talk in the past, but did you know the “T” stands for “Technology?” It’s a huge topic covered in the video series. You can learn about anything from drones to smartphones and even gadgets you never knew existed.

Fun Facts

CPG Grey




YouTube is a great place to learn about new topics you never even knew were worth knowing, and CPG Grey is the best at making otherwise mundane information such as borders, history and technology sound fascinating and engaging. He talks about everything from the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom to how machines will take over all our jobs. And he has the perfect voice to lay it out in an interesting manner.

Adam Ruins Everything (truTV)




Did you know that engagement rings are a marketing scam? Or that it is possible for two people to have identical fingerprints? What about the fact that donating canned goods to food shelters is actually wasteful? These are the seemingly innocent topics Adam of College Humor fame tackles in his new truTV show (the highlights are posted in its YouTube channel). Truths you believed your whole life will be undone in a matter of minutes, so watch with caution.

TV & Movies

Chris Stuckmann

There are hundreds of movie reviewers and critics on YouTube, but few as passionate and informative as Chris Stuckmann. Simply put, Chris gets movies — he knows what makes them great and what makes them terrible. His reviews of terrible movies are actually some of his best work.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

When was the last time you watched a live episode of The Tonight Show from beginning to end? If you’re anyone under the age of 35, probably never. That’s why highlights and interviews are always posted on YouTube the next day. The same goes for Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien.


And there you have it – your one-stop-shop for all things entertainment. The best part is you can watch all of these YouTube channels on your PC or take them on-the-go with mobile apps.