Does Your Girlfriend Actually Like Watching Sports?

Teenage Boy And Girl Sitting On Sofa At Home


In relationships, sometimes people have to do things they’re not crazy about to make each other happy. That’s just the way it goes. Whether you’re in a new or long-term relationship, it’s important to read the many signals you get from your partner.

Knowing exactly how you both feel about these less-than-ideal situations can be helpful when it comes to keeping each other happy. If you’re looking to maintain your girlfriend’s happiness, you may want to figure out if she actually likes watching basketball with you. Here’s how you can tell:

What’s she saying?
To keep things simple, listen to what she says throughout the game. If she’s talking about anything other than the game, the writing is on the wall. If she’s curious about the rules or who’s one of the better players, then she’s into it. That said, if your better half is leading a discussion regarding whether a sixth ring could elevate Kobe past M.J. in the “G.O.A.T.” conversation, you can bet she knows her stuff.

What’s the screen time situation?
This is the telltale sign. Pay attention to how frequently she’s on her phone. If your girlfriend is constantly texting, she’d probably rather be somewhere else. Don’t jump to conclusions, though. She might be trolling Twitter to see what was the deal with that call.

How’s her body language?
Take note of your girlfriend’s body language throughout the game to determine what she’s feeling. If she’s slumping into the couch or easily distracted, she probably doesn’t care much for basketball. If your girlfriend is perched on the edge of her seat and jumps up for the big plays, then you can celebrate that much more.

In the end, whether or not your girlfriend loves sports shouldn’t really matter to you. Even if she isn’t thrilled by the idea of tuning in to ESPN, she’s still willing to do so because she cares about you. Just make sure to spend time doing things that she loves too.