Die-Hard Celebrity Sports Fans

Celebrity Sports Fans

Celebrities are just like us. They shop for groceries. They walk their dogs. They even watch sports. In fact, there are some who will do just about anything for their team. Here are a few celebrity sports fans who are so devoted it’ll make you want to step up your game:

Vince Vaughn and the Chicago Blackhawks

At this point, seeing this actor repping a Blackhawk jersey from a front-row seat on the ice is as surprising as a cold Illinois winter. This Chicago native is passionate about local sports, hockey in particular. At any point during the season you are sure to have a Vaughn sighting at the United Center. The Madhouse on Madison was even highlighted in his 2011 film, The Dilemma, as the actor and co-star Kevin James attended a ‘Hawks game in a scene that was shot at the arena. Vince Vaughn’s dedication doesn’t stop there, either. In 2015, the actor sported a jersey when he took the Polar Plunge, an icy dip in Lake Michigan that supports the Special Olympics.

Will Smith and the Philadelphia 76ers

It’s almost too perfect that this actor is devoted to the Philadelphia 76ers. It calls to mind the classic Fresh Prince theme song, which features the lyrics “In West Philadelphia, born and raised …” In fact, Smith is so dedicated that in 2011, he and wife Jada Pinkett Smith acquired a minority stake in the team, making the couple not only fans but part owners.

Rihanna and the Miami Heat

There is no one in pop culture as unpredictable as Rihanna, but one thing you can count on is her dedication to her team, the Miami Heat. This singer is always in a front-row seat and watching the game with a jersey to match. Players have even Instagrammed pictures of her at the games to rile fans up.

Drake and everyone

You might think of a few things when you hear the name Drake. For some it’s Jimmy in a wheelchair from Degrassi or more recently, his dancing in the “Hot Line Bling” video that went viral. But there’s another thing that Drake is known for, and that’s constant support for just about every team there is. Okay, not really. But the dude really loves his sports. He’s admitted his love for several teams, from the Toronto Raptors (his hometown) to the Miami Heat to the Seattle Seahawks. Don’t believe it? Simply look up a few photos of Drake at games. He’s mastered the sideline look of deep concern for his team(s).