How to Lose a Bracket in 10 Ways

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Let’s be honest, picking a perfect bracket will never happen. The odds are 1-in-way too many to count. Not even worth thinking about. Unless you’re serious about doing the research and willing to commit endless hours to watching college ball, good luck. That said, here’s a few surefire ways to guarantee you’ll throw away your bracket in the first weekend.


Using mascots as your method of NCAA March Madness bracketology may be the most fun approach. Stick with the most ferocious mascots, which are the SEC teams. The Gators and Tigers should be enough to help get you along. You’re guaranteed to at least finish in the bottom half of your bracket challenge with this route.

All Upsets

What is everyone’s favorite part of NCAA March Madness? The madness, of course! We all love seeing the upsets because we just never know where it’s going to come from next. And because nobody knows where it will strike next, your best bet is just to pick all of the upsets. No lie. Just do it. All of them.

No Upsets

There is no easier way to filling out a bracket than by simply choosing the higher seed to win each game. I mean, they are a number one seed for a reason, right? Fun fact: all four number one seeds have made the Final Four in the same year only once. That was 2008. But don’t let that little stat scare you. Number one seeds all day, baby!

Coin Flip

What are the odds that you’ll do well with your own research? Who knows, but we do know that you’re probably better off just flipping a coin for the entire bracket. Heads or tails? Who cares, just flip the coin.


This isn’t math class. Cheating on your brackets from your co-worker won’t get you in trouble, so copy away. Just make sure you’re copying off the right person and not just the person wearing a basketball shirt.

Picking Your Team

Of course you should pick your team to win it all every year. They’re YOUR team! It’s not like one team hasn’t won it every year or anything like that. Don’t listen to those odds. Be confident in picking your team to go all the way. Even the #16 seeds.

Team Colors

The teams with the best colors are always a good route to go.  Especially when your looking at the Big Ten. Reds, yellows, blues, etc. Practically a rainbow of colors. It involves a lot of research, but get your palette ready and your bracket will be gold!


Picking a team because they’re from a city you’ve vacationed to is a clear cut way of success when picking your brackets. Keep in mind that most vacations are in warmer climates. So those SEC teams are looking mighty nice this time of year.

Let Your Pets Choose

If you don’t feel like doing the extra work, or are just completely unsure this year, give your pet a shot at picking. Statistically, they are going to get 50% right, which means you’re either going to come out looking like a genius or like your pet actually made your picks for you. Your call.

Fadeaway Shot

This may be our favorite. First, use any of the previous 9 ways to make your picks. Once finished, crumble the paper up and shoot it into the nearest garbage, preferably from about 20 feet away.

We’re no experts or anything, so take our advice with a grain of salt. But, if you’re looking for a fun way to fail, this may be the best bracketology advice you’ll find.

Be honest, which strategies have you used to make your picks in the past?