Can you taste it? Hopper and Finebaum are “pumped” for college football—are you?

It’s not every day that Paul Finebaum takes a call from the likes of Hopper, DISH’s sassy animated kangaroo, on The Paul Finebaum Show. Although Finebaum, who many refer to as “the voice of the SEC”, is known for frequently taking notable  and avid callers,  the energy and excitement Hopper still manages to surprise him, resulting in some fun exchanges between the two personalities.

Hopper, the ultimate football fans, calls Finebaum to discuss the launch of the SEC Network in the latest digital-only spots from DISH. She raves about the upcoming football season, and at one point, becoming so excited about the network launch that she claims she can “almost taste it!” Of course, there isn’t a single conversation with Hopper that doesn’t include a punchy line or two, so sports fans can expect nothing less in these spots.

Finebaum, a household name in the SEC, joined the SEC Network’s as the first on-air hire back in May 2013, and the hype over his arrival has continued to build ever since. This shoot with Hopper and DISH, marked the first time Finebaum stepped foot onto his new SEC Network set. Freshly built and nearly untouched, DISH was there as Finebaum commanded the very seat he will call home in just a few days when the SEC Network launches on August 14.

DISH, a national provider of the SEC Network, is the first affiliate partner to utilize talent from the network, in this case Paul Finebaum, for ongoing promotional efforts.

The best part? We don’t think this will be the last time Hopper “calls in” to the show. Her passion for college football is just too much to contain and DISH fans can  look forward to more of the entertaining dynamic between the two personalities.

Catch all of the SEC excitement as we kick off college football on DISH’s YouTube.