Best Phone Apps for March Madness

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Keeping up with your favorite teams throughout March Madness can be difficult when you’re trying to manage work, school and other obligations.

But even if you can’t spend all day camped out in front of the TV, you don’t have to miss a moment of the madness. Today, many apps live stream the games, offer the latest news on your favorite teams and keep track of your brackets. The following five apps are all you need this March.

1. NCAA March Madness Live
The official NCAA March Madness app offers live streaming of all 67 games. All the games on CBS are free, and the rest can be streamed when you log in with your television provider. That way, you’ll be able to catch games whether you’re commuting or scarfing down lunch. You also get live updates, social media chatter regarding your favorite team and the ability to fill out your bracket. On iOSAndroid and Windows.

2. FanCake
FanCake provides real-time curated content for each game. Instantly earn points by watching games and answering questions. Redeem your points for a wide range of sports-related swag such as athletic gear, tickets and gift cards. Put your sports knowledge to the test while engaging more closely with the teams you love. On iOS and Android.

3. ESPN Tournament Challenge
The ESPN Tournament Challenge app lets you build brackets to compete against friends and other sports fans for a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize. To make it even better, you can compare brackets against those of professional athletes, politicians, celebrities and top analysts. When you create a bracket group, you can easily keep track of brackets among friends and family. On iOS and Android.

4. SeatGeek Tickets
SeatGeek allows you to compare ticket prices for sporting events across the web. If your team ends up advancing and playing in a city near you, the SeatGeek Tickets app will help ensure that you can snatch up last-minute tickets. View photos from different sections of each venue so you know what your viewing experience will be like. You can even set SeatGeek to send alerts about your favorite teams to let you know when they’ll be in town. On iOS and Android.

5. Team Stream
Bleacher Report has become one of the most reputable sources of sports news in the past decade. Its Team Stream app will send you alerts with breaking news and real-time streams about your favorite teams. You’ll even be able to keep track of the nuanced details that make or break your bracket and become an expert on your favorite NCAA team. On iOS and Android.

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