6 Ways to Watch Your Team in the MLB Playoffs

Is there anything better than baseball in October? No sport syncs up better with the fall season than MLB playoffs (sorry, college football). If you live in the same city as your home team, then you probably won’t have a problem catching all the action next month. But if you moved elsewhere or live in a rural area, watching nine innings of postseason ball might be more of a challenge. Here’s how to make it happen no matter where you live:


All you need is a credit card and a decent Internet connect to watch every game in the league right on your computer with MLB.tv. Come postseason, subscribers to postseason.tv will be able to stream alternative video feeds (excluding the broadcast feed) from MLB playoff games without blackout restrictions. This doesn’t include the game audio so you’ll need a radio by your side, or you can purchase MLB.com Gameday Audio, which airs all postseason games live. Another great feature is the condensed versions of the games (available after they’re over) which skip time between pitches.

Watch Anywhere

If you already have DISH, the Dish Anywhere app is the easiest and most accessible way to catch the playoff action. The free iOS and Android app allows you to stream the action on your mobile device from anywhere so long as you have a DVR and Sling Adapter set up at home. If you’re going to miss a game, schedule a DVR recording and watch it later. Just make sure you stay off Facebook so the outcome isn’t spoiled!

Find a Hometown Bar

If you’re a Dodgers fan living in, say, Chicago, it’ll be tough finding a game during the NLDS if the Cubs are also in contention. Every screen in Chi Town will be playing the Cubbies except for the local “LA” bar. So go find that bar. Just about every major city has a hometown bar for the other major cities; transplants from all over the country set them up for fellow comrades to enjoy their hometown teams.

Find a Multiscreen Bar

If your city doesn’t have a hometown bar for you to escape to, search for the bar with the most TV screens and hope one of them in the corner is playing your game. Typically, even the most faithful local sports bar will still play other games on a couple of screens if they have the real estate for it. Today’s modern sports bars are so out of this world that many of them have 20, 30, even 50 screens to ensure there isn’t a square inch of the building you can’t see the action.

Find ‘That Friend’

When all else fails, find that friend with access to MLB playoffs at his home. And don’t just invite yourself over, either. Offer to buy drinks, food, anything to show you appreciate the free access to October baseball.

ESPN Gamecast

OK, now this is the last resort. You don’t have the spare change to buy games on television or online, you can’t find a local bar playing the action, and all your friends are tired of you mooching off their TVs. So, what’s left? You might be stuck with a play-by-play gamecast on ESPN.com. You won’t get to see or hear the actual game, but instead get a halfway decent feed of live stats as they happen on the field. Hey, we did say it was your last resort.