The DISH Fiber® Referral Program

An exclusive DISH Fiber revenue sharing program, built for Custom and Commercial Integrators.

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DISH Fiber Benefits

  • Gig-Powered Wi-Fi
  • Live streaming TV
  • Instantly Accessible
  • Property-wide Availability
  • Always on. Always Secure.

The DISH Fiber Referral Program

Step 1: Identify a qualified property and point-of-contact.

Step 2: Submit the referral, and we’ll take it from there.

Step 3: Once they contract, collect your referral incentive.

Entertainment Made Simple

Earn more revenue while providing more attractive amenities:

Give property residents and staff higher quality network access while reducing overall cost and increasing property revenue. 250 unit properties can earn an extra $8,250 in revenue on DISH Fiber bulk managed Wi-Fi, in comparison to traditional MDU Wi-Fi solutions. Click here to download our Managed Wi-Fi vs. Traditional Revenue Sharing document.

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Referral Program FAQs

You must be a new or existing member of the DISH Custom Integration program to earn referral incentives from DISH. If you’re not already a member, you can request information here.

Once you’re approved to be in the DISH Custom Integration program, you’ll be asked to complete the DISH Fiber referral agreement and be assigned your own referral program account number. Your dedicated DISH Custom Integration rep will walk you through the process, to make it as easy as possible for you.

  • 60-99 Units: $40/unit
    (Ex. 60 units = $2,400)

  • 100-199 Units: $45/unit
    (Ex. 100 units = $4,500)

  • 200+ Units: $50/door
    (Ex. 500 units = $25,000)

25% is paid upon execution of the agreement. The remaining 75% is paid upon activation of DISH Fiber services at the referred property.

DISH Fiber is compatible with residential and commercial MDU properties of all sizes.

  • Properties with > 60 units - No Max
  • Properties with a confirmed interest in property-wide internet solutions
  • Properties who aren’t already discussing DISH Fiber with DISH
  • Properties located within the continental United States

Leverage your nationwide Custom Integration network. Start with apartment complex owners or managers, or any other influencers in the MDU community. Ask if they’d be interested in discussing a state-of-the-art, propertywide, internet and TV solution that can delight residents and generate additional property revenue. If yes, then you can submit your lead info to [email protected].

One of our experts will contact you as the referring party, to ensure all information is accurate. They’ll then reach out to your referral and qualify the lead, answering any questions they may have. The same expert will guide them through the process, while ensuring timely status reporting and accurate payments to you.

Absolutely not. DISH is eager to partner with professional network and AV providers, to deploy the DISH Fiber solution. We are always happy to discuss how we do this with our partners.

Yes. We can provide set top boxes and IP control modules to power your integrations. Our network admins are happy to create vLANs or static IPs for your deployments.

No. Our gig-powered internet is delivered terrestrially or via point to point. Our team of DISH Fiber experts work directly with your referral to ensure all conduit rights, property plans and other considerations and thoughtfully accommodated.

Yes. DISH Fiber can be installed and delivered throughout the continental United States. Unified support is available nationwide also, which means DISH Fiber properties deal with the same team of experts, regardless of where their properties might be located.

Your Custom Integration rep is well versed in the benefits of DISH Fiber and how you can earn easy revenue through the referral program. Whether you’re signed up yet or not, feel free to email the DISH Custom Integration program with any questions you may have.

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