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"Alexa, go to HBO."

"Alexa, show me live sports."

"Alexa, play The Voice."

"Alexa, find Tom Hanks movies."

We worked with Amazon because you wanted more connected technology in your home. The Hopper 3 and Alexa will finally let you and your technology speak the same language. Just link your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot with your Hopper 3 and say: “Alexa, show me football games.” Now that’s entertainment tuned into you.

Voice control integration coming in Spring 2017.
Must have Hopper with updated user interface.

Don’t have an Echo?
No problem.

The Hopper 3 Voice Remote also gives you voice-control ability to search across live and recorded content, On Demand, and Netflix with one simple voice command. Control your environment by simply speaking to your Hopper 3 or Hopper 2 with upgraded interface.

Upgrade to the Voice Remote for $30.

Love TV that listens to you?

How about TV that goes with you.

Take TV everywhere with DISH Anywhere®. Only DISH gives you access to 100% of your live and recorded content anywhere, on your mobile device. Get live sports, breaking news, your entire DVR collection, and thousands of On Demand titles. Plus the ability to schedule DVR recordings on the fly.

App Store Amazon Google Play
Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an internet-connected,
Sling-enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

Got places to go?

Put your DVR in your pocket.

Take your shows with you, on the go, with the HopperGO® pocket DVR. HopperGO uses a private entertainment hot spot to stream your favorite TV shows and movies to 5 devices at once without using up space or data on your device. Just download your shows from your DVR to the HopperGO, then access your content anywhere without an internet connection through the DISH Anywhere app.

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