The best entertainment solution for your property

Make your residents happy by giving them DISH as an option for their home entertainment. Best of all, no need for antennas on every balcony! We keep it clean and simple.

SMARTBOX features

The SMARTBOX is a simple, low maintenance all-in-one property TV solution that reduces costs, increases performance and saves space.

Revolutionize your TV distribution.

SMARTBOX saves you space and money, while providing a single TV solution for your entire property.

  • Dramatic cost-savings on installation and maintenance over traditional platforms.
  • Takes up 93% less space.
  • Uses 90% less power for low operation cost.
  • Reduces downtime with simplistic design and virtual monitoring and maintenance.

A BIG PICTURE solution.

As technology advances, SMARTBOX adapts to current configurations and is always prepared for the next upgrade.

  • Add to your current configuration for an optimized, long-term solution.
  • Ready to grow with you. Increase channels, property service channels and more.

The best user experience.

SMARTBOX delivers more features, capabilities and quality picture than traditional solutions.

  • Up to 96 HD channels compared to the more common range of 8 to 24.
  • Simple, user-friendly onscreen guide.
  • Delivery mechanism for property and brand content into every unit.

Important TermsComparisons to previous DISH platforms. All comparisons as of 6/19/14.

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