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great service, and they
don't nickel and dime you.”

Steven - Aurora, CO

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DISH Ranked #1 in Customer Service

DISH Ranked #1 In Customer Service

It’s true. The results are in, and DISH has been ranked #1 in customer service nationally by J.D. Power and our customers. In the world of pay TV—cable, satellite, fiber—DISH customers reported the greatest satisfaction with the aspects of TV service they care about most. We’re really proud of this award. We’ve been listening to our customers and solving their problems, and that’s why we say we’re Tuned Into You. This award shows that we know what our customers want, and we know how to deliver.

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Who is J.D. Power?

You’ve probably heard of J.D. Power. They’re a market research company, and they conduct studies about consumers’ attitudes toward brands and industries that millions of people interact with every day. Their teams of data scientists and industry experts ensure that consumers and their experiences are accurately represented - which helps customers understand how companies stack up against each other and helps businesses understand how consumers view their brand.

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The J.D. Power TV Service Satisfaction Study

Throughout 2017, J.D. Power collected surveys from people who subscribe to a pay TV service—any service - which included DISH or our competitors. People who responded were asked to rate seven different aspects of their TV service. When the scores were added up, DISH was #1 in customer service.

Family of three watching Netflix on DISH

What DISH customers said

We wouldn’t be here without our customers, and we wouldn’t be #1 if our customers stayed quiet about their experience with us. Here’s what they had to say: “They’ve been good to my family with what little problems we’ve had,” said one. “Makes you want to be with them,” observed another satisfied DISH customer.

What current DirecTV and cable customers said

Even subscribers of other TV providers were envious when they heard about our service. Said one DirecTV customer, “Congratulations. Makes me want to switch.” Sure, let’s talk! Check out our packages here. Another DirecTV customer said, “I will probably look into DISH as a provider the next time I am looking for TV service.” Please do!

A cable customer said, “Sounds like they take care of their customers and their needs.” That’s spot on. We are Tuned Into You. Choosing the right TV provider can be a pain—but it doesn’t have to be. We work all the time to make sure your TV experience is convenient and enjoyable.

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We make entertainment easy

It’s no accident that DISH was rated #1. We constantly think about how we can make TV easier. That’s why when you order DISH, we give you 75-minute arrival windows when we come to install your new equipment, and in many cases, we can install your DISH service the day after you order. We install TV in remote places, where some cable companies won’t. And we have 24/7 customer service to go along with the best technology in the business.

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Great service meets great programming

We know everyone watches TV for different reasons. Some people like sports, some like movies, some binge on news coverage. That’s why we have TV packages and add-ons for every TV need. Compare our packages here. See sports and movie packages, too.

Most important, we know that nobody wants their bill go up after a year. That’s why DISH gives you a two-year price guarantee. Sign up now.

DISH received the highest numerical score for customer service and second highest score for customer satisfaction among national TV providers in the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study, based on 18,685 total responses, measuring the experiences and perceptions of customers with their TV service provider, surveyed November 2016-July 2017. Your experiences may vary. Visit