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HANDS-FREE TV™ with DISH + Amazon Alexa

Enjoy your favorite shows without even picking up your remote.

Enjoy HANDS-FREE TV™ with DISH® and Amazon Alexa®

  • Simple setup and pairing of devices
  • Easily control your TV without a remote
  • Effectively works with all generations of the Hopper®
  • Quickly sorts through all live and recorded TV plus Netflix®

Try These Amazon Alexa DISH Commands

When your hands are full, you can’t find the remote, or you need to pause a TV show quickly because your phone is ringing, Alexa is there to help. Don’t miss a minute of your show or fumble for the remote again when you choose to pair your DISH Hopper with an Amazon device. Use commands like these:

Alexa, pause.

Alexa, go to HGTV.

Alexa, go to channel 155.

Alexa, rewind.

Alexa, fast forward.

Alexa, search for action movies.

Alexa, resume.

Alexa, play Modern Family.

Alexa, change the channel to ESPN.

Which Amazon Devices Pair with DISH?

DISH pairs with the following Amazon devices:

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Tap

What Equipment Do I Need to Use Amazon Alexa with DISH?

When you order a DISH package, simply choose to include the Hopper in your subscription to take advantage of the Amazon Alexa technology. All generations of the Hopper are Amazon Alexa compatible. You can also use a Joey® with Amazon Alexa to connect all the TVs in your home.

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