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TV apps.

DISH® offers a wide range of interactive smart TV applications for everyone to enjoy on the big screen. News, games and entertainment apps for TV are available from the comfort of your couch. Don't get up. Grab your remote and give them a try on your TV today.


Do you enjoy the great collection of TV shows and movies on Netflix, but value live television available on the same device? With the Hopper you can enjoy your favorite Netflix content alongside your DISH programming. Having access to both services in one single location allows for a more comprehensive television experience. DISH is the first major pay-TV provider to include direct access to Netflix on its set-top box for your convenience.

Important Terms*Netflix streaming membership required. Additional Important Terms

Score overlay.

Calling All Sports Fans.

No need to get up from your couch. Now you can view all of the scores for live games on the Sports Overlay on ESPN and ESPN2 with the click of a button on an app. The sports data updates every 30 seconds so you are always on top of the action. No additional equipment needed.

DISH home channel 100.

Your home for interactive entertainment and information apps for your TV. Access the news, check the weather, play games and much more all directly from your remote. In addition, tune to channel 100 to view 6 channels of live video, including special events and previews.

Interactive game apps.

More apps for your television.


Pandora on the Hopper™ allows you to easily search for your favorite artists or songs and create personalized radio stations streaming only the music you love from the comfort of your home. Simply login to the Pandora App on your Hopper using your existing Pandora account, or create a new Pandora account.

TWC Interactive.

Don't get caught in the cold. Watch your local weather right on your TV. Also view today's radar, forecast and the 5 day forecast. Check it out on channel 214 or in Dish HOME Channel 100. No extra equipment is required.

Hunting Trails.

Love the outdoors? Try Hunting Trails today. Stalk your prey through several different seasonal levels. Complete challenges within the game to purchase better hunting gear, get your name on the nationwide leaderboard and have a chance to win awesome monthly prizes. If you like GAME you'll love this game.


DISH & Lyve have partnered to provide DISH customers a solution to access their entire personal photo collection on the Hopper. Try it today.

Customer Support.

Manage your DISH account from the comfort of your couch and save yourself a phone call. It is easy to add programming, view and pay your bill with your remote through the interactive Customer Support Application. Phone line or Broadband connection required.

MLBN Interactive.

Play ball. The MLBN Interactive TV app delivers national and local news from around the MLB right to your TV. The app also brings daily box scores with instant updates as they happen. Find it today in Dish HOME Channel 100 or in the Hopper "Apps" folder.


Games Channel 96 is an on-demand gaming line-up exclusive to DISH customers. More than 50 games are available including "MONOPOLY," "Tetris," "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and "Kong Adventures." Subscribe to games by themes or get the entire catalog.

Important TermsServices may not be available on all receiver models. Phone line may be required for some interactive features. Access to some interactive features may be limited if you are being billed by a third party. Additional Important Terms